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  • Implementing a Simple Serial Mouse Controller
    interfaces to the host via a dedicated interface card or an RS-232 port. Their mechanisms are very similar. The major electrical components of a mouse are: ? Microcontroller ? Photo-transistors ? Infrared emitting diode ? Voltage conversion circuit The intelligence of the mouse is provided
  • Transconductance vs Voltage Amplifiers
    The purpose of an amplifier in a motion control system is to provide a controlled amount of. current or voltage to a motor based on a command signal from the motion controller. This is done by a current (transconductance) or voltage amplifier. Each of these two types of amplifier has benefits
  • DC/DC Converter Controller Using a PICmicro Microcontroller
    In many applications, a DC/DC Converter is used to produce a regulated voltage or current, derived from an unregulated power supply, or from a battery. Examples of these applications include battery chargers, electronic air purifiers, emergency exit signs, and distributed power systems. In some
  • Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    This technical brief describes a microcontroller based Soft-Start Controller circuit for a switching power supply. Start-up is a stressful time for the power driver section of a switching power supply. Because the output voltage is initially zero, the feedback error initially jumps to its maximum
  • Implementing a PID Controller Using a PIC18 MCU
    Continuous processes have been controlled by feedback loops since the late 1700's. In 1788, James Watt used a flyball governor on his steam engine to regulate its speed. The Taylor Instrument Company implemented the first fully functional Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controller
  • Multiple PWM Output Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    This Technical Brief describes a microcontroller-based soft-start controller for power supplies in systems with multiple voltages. Sometimes applications have devices with multiple voltage requirements (e.g., core voltages, I/O voltages, etc). The sequence in which these voltages rise is important
  • How to Select a PWM Controller
    In high voltage applications where a lower output voltage is required, designers have traditionally relied on modules that increase system cost, or two stage DC/DC solutions that increase solution footprint and complexity. This white paper looks at the trends influencing narrow on-time point
  • What Is A Digital Controller?
    Control panels are essential elements of any electrical device. Control panels are especially important on HVAC devices and heater elements. They enable you to control the temperature, voltage, and pressure more easily for a smoother operation of the device. Whether you need to maintain

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