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  • Control Voltage Transformer Selection Guide (.pdf)
    To make the proper transformer selection, the load must be completely analyzed. Every electrically energized component in the control circuit must be considered. Electromagnetic control devices have two current requirements. The first current requirement is called inrush volt-amperes (VA
  • Transformer Theory
    A transformer is an energy transfer device. It has an input side (primary) and an output side (secondary). Electrical energy applied to the primary is converted to a magnetic field which in turn, induces a current in the secondary which carries energy to the load connected to the secondary
  • The Importance of Effective Transformer and Control Transformer Protection (.pdf)
    The importance of effective transformer and control transformer protection cannot be over emphasized. After motors, transformers are typically the second most common application where proper overcurrent protection is required and utilized to provide the necessary protection to facilities
  • Transformer Basics (.pdf)
    There is more than meets the eye in the insulation employed in transformers. Among the. design and construction considerations are temperature and voltage ratings. To those unfamiliar with transformer manufacturing, terms such as fish, kraft, natural fiber and gum might sound like the main
  • Measuring Transformer Distributed Capacitance
    in evaluating / measuring Cd. Capacitance in a transformer winding cannot be avoided. The voltage difference between turns, between winding layers and between windings to core create these parasitic elements. In general, part of the designers' task is to keep capacitance to a minimum. On rare occasions
  • Transformer Sizing - Line Voltage and Low Voltage Power Installations
    Industrial electric actuators powered by line voltage (120vac or 230vac) are effectively the standard power option chosen. Wire size, loads, and wire runs can all be readily addressed by installers. Typically, to comply with electrical codes and probably local norms as well, most wiring
  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors
    several advantages - 1) Simple circuit. 2) High voltage output is not dependent on large turns ratios. 3) Circuit is self limiting. Output can be shorted without damage. 4) Output can be regulated over a large range. 5) Transformer can provide voltage isolation. 6) Multiple isolated outputs
  • How to Control the Interference of Transformer to Amplifier?
    be effectively avoided, so that the amplifier can be obtained. Excellent sound. In addition to powering the amplifier, the power transformer can also couple the amplifier to the power supply, so that the interference source in the power grid enters the amplifier, and also reflects the voltage
  • MIDEL 7131 Brings Wet Transformer Back to Life
    with a breakdown voltage of only 22kV. Both of these values were well below acceptable limits and due to the low insulation resistance and poor oil condition the transformer was taken out of service and earmarked for removal and refurbishment.
  • Isolation Transformer to Perform Line Leakage or Functional Run Tests
    Associated Research strongly recommends the use of an isolation transformer or isolated power source for powering up the Device Under Test (DUT) when performing the Line Leakage or Functional Run tests. This white paper covers the various reasons for isolating the DUT power source during
  • High Frequency - High Voltage Transformers (.doc)
    The need for high frequency (HF) combined with high voltage (HV) in transformers is becoming more popular. The well known advantage of operating at high frequency is that it allows the transformer to be designed smaller. High frequency (HF) transformers are often referred to as switchers. When
  • Kimberly Clark Case Study
    We provided Kimberly-Clark with a model AL-300-HF-A standard wideband AC power amplifier to drive a model AL-T100-V25/1200-F300K/500K high frequency high voltage transformer.
  • Test the High-voltage Output of a Solar Farm Before Go-live
    connection was required - so our high-voltage experts were called in to help. Power generators, inverters, a loadbank and a 33 kV transformer were connected to the high-voltage cables of the solar farm - mirroring the eventual connection to the local transmission network.
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer Technology
    Differential transformers are electromagnetic devices for translating the displacement of a magnetic armature into an AC voltage, which is a linear function of the displacement. They are basically composed of primary and secondary coils wound on an air core and a movable armature is used to control

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