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  • Application Requirements Drive Choice of Voltage Regulator in Portable Systems
    . The growing use of multi-voltage designs has further complicated the designer's task. Many of the new function blocks designers are introducing into portable devices do not operate at the same voltage as the system power source. For example, the typical single cell lithium-ion battery powering a cell phone
  • Voltage Regulators
    . To solve this problem, one large voltage regulator is often located at or near the power source. However, one problem with this approach is the voltage drop along the supply line caused by wire or printed-circuit resistance. The resulting variable voltage throughout the system often degrades regulator
  • Adjustable Switching Voltage Regulators
    For non-isolated switching voltage regulators (SVR or SR), such as our SRAD20 series, the feedback control of the PWM is used to adjust the output voltage of the regulator. The PWM voltage reference is 2 volts with an accuracy between 1% and 3%. When the converter is required to provide a more
  • Circut Ideas: LED driver lights three LED strings and provides constant voltage supply
    -feedback-error amplifier in the chip. This amplifier regulates the current through the sense resistor RSNS and hence through the LED string. In a classical voltage-regulator design, it is safe to assume the voltagefeedback- error amplifier draws no current (10-nA range) from the output
  • Creating and Inverting Power from a Step-Down Regulator (.pdf)
    When generating a negative output voltage from a positive input voltage, use the buck (step down) regulator that is already available. This step by-step procedure helps guide the user through designing an inverting power supply using a wide input voltage family of SWIFT dc/dc converters.
  • How to Use a Rad Hard Switching Regulator as a VTT Terminator
    to the VTT termination regulator. Download this white paper to learn more about the modifications needed to generate the VREF voltage and track the VDDQ rail, and how the ISL70003SEH performs in a VTT termination application.
  • Circuit Ideas: How to parallel regulator modules for high-current supplies
    and supporting circuitry. It is important to ensure that current shares evenly when paralleling dc/ dc regulator modules. Conceptually, part-to-part variations and outputvoltage regulation errors can make the output voltages of two identical POL supplies differ though the supplies are programmed to have
  • Switching Regulator Advances Enable Compact, Efficient Power Management Design
    the few milliamps needed for standby supplies as well as the over 100A requirements for application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) voltage regulators. Low-voltage processors, digital signal processors (DSPs), and double data rate (DDR) memories also impose stringent requirements on the power supply.

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