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  • Inertial Sensor Theory 101
    Jewell accelerometers and inclinometers are precision inertial instruments. They utilize closed loop sensor technology to produce a highly accurate output with virtually infinite resolution. The inertial sensor output is an analog voltage, current, or digital signal proportional to applied
  • FAQ About Sensor Products
    capacity. It is used to calculate percentage error. 3. What exactly is mV/V output? The electrical output of sensor in milli volts (mV) per volt (V) of sensor excitation at the rated load, Torque or pressure. For example the electrical voltage output of a load cell with 2 mV/V out put at 100 lbs rated
  • Implementing Ohmmeter/Temperature Sensor
    This application note describes a method forimplementing an ohmmeter or resistance type temperature sensor using the PIC16C5X series of microcontrollers. The ohmmeter requires only two external components and is software and hardware configurable for resistance measurement with resolutions from
  • CC112x/CC120x On-Chip Battery Monitor
    This application report provides the necessary information in order to use the voltage sensor of the CC112x and CC120x family. The voltage sensor can be used to monitor the supply and battery voltage (VDD).
  • CVLD Interface: Constant Voltage Line Driver Technology
    There are many different types of electrical schemas used to couple sensors to electronic readouts but most of them typically use changes in voltage proportional to the various physical phenomena being measured. Voltage changes are used as a signal carrier to describe dynamic acceleration/vibration
  • Generating High Voltage Using the PIC16C781/782
    The Nixie tube is a device born out of the middle twentieth century, used to display digital information in a human readable format. Basically, it is a high-voltage numerical display. Today, the Nixie tube has been replaced by more efficient, more durable, and longer lasting devices, such as LED
  • Guide Sensor : Analog/Step Analog type
    GS-1919 is an analog voltage output (DEVIATION OUT) type. magnetic navigation sensor for AGV. MACOME original magnetic. sensor elements "saturable coil" are applied in GS-1919. An analog. voltage changes proportional to a relative position between. GS-1919 and a magnetic guide tape. GS-1919 has
  • How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers
    filters out the common mode voltage and delivers the differential voltage. This white paper discusses the basics of a three op amp INA and examines the advantages of zero-drift amplifiers, RFI input filters, monitoring sensor health and programmable gain amplifiers. We also review application examples

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