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  • How a Vortex Flow Meter Works
    Vortex flow meters are increasingly becoming the flow technology of choice for gas, liquid, and steam flow measurement. Vortex flow meters are ideal for measuring saturated and supersaturated steam in large facilities to improve steam production efficiency and allocation. Volumetric water flow
  • Part 3: Multivariable Mass Vortex Core Technology White Paper Series 3 of 4
    This white paper, part 3 of our core technology series, explores the mechanics and science that make up a multivariable vortex meter by showing the evolution from the original idea of a vortex shedding flow meter to its current generation. This paper also explores the reasons why a multivariable
  • For Vortex Flow Meters, Accuracy Matters in Steam Energy Flow Measurement
    The heat is on. Most facilities managers are in the hot seat to account for all of the flow energy, going in and out of their facility which is no easy task. This mandate is no different for steam flow measurement. Vortex flow meters continue to be the industry standard for accurate steam flow
  • Part 2-Flow Energy Management Applications-Installation Tips & Tricks
    for each of these applications: thermal mass flow meters for gas, vortex flow meters for saturated and super saturated steam, and clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for liquid/water flows. For more details Read Part 1. Now that we have identified the best flow meter for each type of fluid
  • How Does a Water Flow Meter Work?
    a unique principle of operation, specific application benefits, and overall cost-of-ownership. The question is: What water flow meter should you choose for your water flow measurement application? There are four primary types of water flow meters: mechanical water flow meters, vortex volumetric
  • Flow Energy Management Part 3: Three Successful Flow Energy Management Case Studies
    in crab processing because the plant needs to run 24/7. Steam image. Multivariable insertion vortex flow meter with retractor for hot tapping is ideally suited for steam applications. Switching to an insertion multivariable vortex flow meter provided the plant some key advantages: Lower cost-of-ownership
  • Best Flow Meter Technologies for Flow Energy Management in Power Plant Applications
    Generating electricity in a natural gas power plant is a complex process due to the multiple steps involved with the different types of fluids being used and optimized. Dr. John Olin, Founder of Sierra Instruments, explains how thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meters, and ultrasonic flow
  • Bringing Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings to Veteran's Facilities
    must be compensated by measuring temperature and pressure, and then these three measurements (?P, T and P) integrated with a flow computer to calculate mass flow. Insertion multivariable vortex flow meters allow one instrument and one process connection to simultaneously measure mass flow rate

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