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  • CR4 - Thread: Sand Storms and 140 Degrees F
    If you have compressed air available check out they have a range of Cabinet Coolers using Vortex Tubes .
  • Plant Maintenance Product | Exair's Dual High Temperature Cabinet Cooler Systems cool electrical control panels | Plant Maintenance
    The Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube that is designed to cool ordinary compressed air to cold air without the use of refrigerants.
  • Improving Compressed Air System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry
    When first cost is the driving factor, open tubes, air bars (copper tube with holes drilled long the length of the tube) and vortex tube coolers are often used to cool cabinets .
  • CR4 - Thread: Refrigeration Circuit
    Since the vortex cooler kept injecting air, a vent was required so as not to pressurize the cabinet . The hole provided by removing the tubing was conveniently used.
  • Save Maintenance and Component Expenses by Eliminating Moisture in Electrical Cabinets
    A conical nozzle is placed at the end of the tube and only the outer layer of … … has lower water content than ambient air, the amount of water vapor in the cabinet is lowered. Unfortunately, the operating expenses of a vortex cooler are quite high.
  • Vortex Effects: Theory, Experiment, Industrial Application, Prospects
    Let us first characterize the products, whose output and application were limited to a few series: VV-0.5/1.5-4A — a high-efficiency vortex tube with a minimum number of parts, not equipped with dampers of noise from cold and … Beginning in 1985, coolers were installed in each of the 17 microprocessor cabi- nets of the system for controlling the large automatic line "Renault-2" (210 units of equipment integrated into a no-people technological chain for working 52 models of heads …
  • Ways of Improving Commercial Vortex Tubes
    The vortex tube (VT) for spot (multispot) cooling of heat-stressed zones in industrial installations is a new quan- tity-produced item. The operation of the VT as an air cooler is based on the effect of “spontaneous” thermal … … fuel, and electronic equipment; • in air cooling systems of electronic units in cabinets (racks) for controlling …
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  • Lase Ultrasonic Web Stiffness tester
    There are three large cables which come into the Instrument Cabinet and terminate at these stage controllers … Also mounted on this shelf is a temperature controller for the Vortex cooling tube . The solenoid switches air flow between simple purge air and flow to the vortex cooler .