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  • Thermal Imaging Scan Reveals the Truth Behind the Wall
    ), and the exterior weatherproofing paper had already been applied. The builder was questioned on how this exterior portion of a wall was insulated as the insulation was put in after the weatherproofing was applied.
  • Inspecting Gas Fired Furnaces Using Infrared Thermography
    shutdowns of these furnaces can result in production losses as high as $84K. Traditionally, visual inspections have been the preferred method of monitoring wall insulation health. Peeled or blistered paint and a cherry red glow are used as indicators that insulation is breaking down inside
  • Emissivity Measurements of Common Construction Materials
    . The wall assemblies are constructed to mimic the common materials encountered in building envelope surveys. They include materials such as hardboard lap siding, stone veneers (faux and natural), stucco, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), trim accessories, vinyl frames, painted flashings
  • Medical Device Link .
    for paired wires capable of transmitting to 100 MHz, are typical. A 24-gauge wire, approximately 0.020 in., receives an insulation of 0.0065 in. with outside diameter (OD) tolerances of +-0.0001 in. Specifications further require a minimum concentricity (minimum wall/ maximum wall) of >=95%. Almost
  • Closing In With Polyurethane RIM
    the Baydur 726 polyurethane structural-foam (RIM) system. It has strength, good insulation properties, excellent surface finish, and large-part capability. The device uses 29 RIM parts that range in size and weight from a 25-lb part measuring 28 X 14 X 10 in., to a 6 5 1-in. part that weighs less than 0.75
  • Chainflex Cables Available With Over-Molded Connectors
    for use in cable carrier systems on automated machinery. The outer jacket of every Chainflex cable is extruded over the conductors for a snug fit. Chainflex CF.INI is based on Chainflex CF9 which has an extremely tight bend radius of five times the outer diameter. This is due to the thin-wall design
  • Medical Device Link .
    in the 1950s, it was the introduction of polyimides in the 1960s that made significant contributions to meeting exacting industry demands. In 1961 DuPont introduced film (under the trade name Kapton) and varnishes for electrical applications and wire insulation. Subsequently moulding powders, laminating
  • Don't get burned by flame standards
    . This is especially true in the area of optical smoke density. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, similar concerns were raised in a petition from an independent consulting firm that recommended reconsideration of the standards. "Products such as seat foam, elastomers, thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    , inorganic or metal based materials such as Silica, Titanium dioxide and materials with high water content, have high dielectric constants that are not suitable for use in applications where insulation is needed. This is due to high interaction with electromagnetic fields, leading to many undesirable

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