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  • Industrial Winches-Image
    Industrial Winches - (373 companies)
    Industrial winches are pulling devices that use a wire, rope, cable, strap or web to move heavy loads. They typically use a drum or reel for line storage and are either manually operated or powered by an electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic motor. How...
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    Power Source
    Load Capacity
    Line Diameter
  • Wiring Ducts-Image
    Wiring Ducts - (173 companies)
    Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Wiring ducts, along with conduit...
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  • Network Wiring and Cabling Services-Image
    Network Wiring and Cabling Services - (471 companies)
    Network wiring and network cabling services install copper and fiber optic cable within buildings or central offices. Network wiring and network cabling services install copper and fiber optic cables within buildings or central offices (CO...
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  • Rocker Switches-Image
    Rocker Switches - (343 companies)
    Rocker switches are actuated by a standard or dual rocker or paddle.
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  • Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts-Image
    Plugs, Stoppers, and Inserts - (345 companies)
    Plugs, stoppers and inserts fit into holes or cavities and are designed for the ends of shafts, tubes, pipes, fittings, connectors, screws, bars, or other shapes.
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    Terminal and Junction Boxes - (546 companies)
    How to Select Terminal and Junction Boxes. Terminal and junction boxes are used to house electrical components and facilitate wiring. Selection Considerations. When selecting terminal or junction boxes, correct size and adequate protection...
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    Safety Relays - (165 companies)
    ...per input. Dual channel relays continually operate even in the event of a single circuit failure, and can detect wiring faults and input failure. Specifications. Safety relay specifications include mounting and contact information. Mounting. Safety...
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    Fiber Optic Cleaning Tools - (87 companies)
    ...come in single mode and multi-mode versions, and can accommodate synchronous and asynchronous data traffic. Fiber optic multiplexers are important fiber optic wiring accessories, since they can function as nodes in a network, extending the distances...
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    Electrical Conduit - (559 companies)
    Electrical conduit is lengths of solid tubing used to house, protect, and cover electrical wiring and cables in power distribution systems. Types. There are many standard conduit types. Flexible metal conduits (FMC) have a helically wound, circular...
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    Safety and Reflective Tapes - (178 companies)
    Description. Safety and reflective tapes are highly visible in order to warn personnel of hazards or construction conditions. Application. Safety tapes are used in flagging applications or to mark an area 's perimeter. Reflective tapes are used...
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  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission > Commission Decisions > 1999 > [FDBKF2003...
    The Ohio Edison schematic clearly shows that the conduit should terminate 6 inches below the neutral or secondary position, and warns against to pull the wire through once the conduit was attached to the pole. going to use a 60 to 70-pound electric winch called a “chugger”to pull the wire through …
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    … electricians to remove insulation from the cut end of an insulated wire'). g(104595762,'mesh netting made of wires'). g(104595855,'a circuit of wires for the distribution of electricity'). g(104595998,'a schematic drawing of the wiring of an electrical system' … … 'either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship'). g(104611470,'a winch (or system of … … "his unwillingness to cooperate vetoed every proposal I made"; "in spite of our warnings he plowed ahead …
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  • Development and Testing of a Small Weighable Lysimeter System to Assess Water Use by Shallow-Rooted Crops
    Schematic of the weighing system. An electric winch (model M8000, Warn Industries, Clackamas, Oregon) powered by a 12-V battery was chosen to lift the lysimeters. … 12-V winch batteries, connected to the load cell with a shielded four wire cable, and mounted …
  • Underwater monitoring network: Using the deep-sea Drill MARUM-MeBo for installing Subseafloor Sensor Systems for monitoring Seafloor Intervention Operations
    … acoustic modems and may serve to archive time series and use in hazard assessment and early warning . … in detail in Freudenthal and Wefer (2013): The complete MeBo-system, including drill, winch , launch and recovery … Copper wires and fibre optic cables within the umbilical are used for energy supply from the vessel … … MeBo (left: deployment from the research vessel MARIA S. MERIAN in 2007; middle: schematic overview; right: deployment …
  • NEMO-SN1 (Western Ionian Sea, Off Eastern Sicily): A Cabled Abyssal Observatory With Tsunami Early Warning Capability
    The tsunami- warning detection system uses a high- precision depth sensor by Paroscientific with 0.01% accuracy … … Fig.5) is an umbilical electro-optical cable, armoured with an external steel wired layer, containing 10 … Both vehicles may be operated by the same surface equipment ( winch and electro-optical-mechanical umbilical), and … Fig.5 Bathymetric chart and schematic path of the main electro optical cable of the Catania test …