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  • Measuring Temperature with the PIC16F84A Watchdog Timer Application Note
    , however, to design a digital thermometer without an external sensor, by using a temperature sensitive property of the microcontroller itself. This Application Note shows how to use the Watchdog Timer (WDT) of a PICmicro (R) microcontroller for temperature measurement.
  • Measuring Temperature Using the Watch Dog Timer (WDT)
    This application note shows how Microchip Technology?s Watchdog Timer (WDT) can be used to acquire rough temperature measurements.
  • Understanding and Using Supervisory Circuits
    This application note discusses what microcontroller supervisory devices are, why they are needed and some factors to consider when choosing one. Supervisory devices is a broad term that encompasses POR (power on reset) devices, BOD (brown-out detect) devices and watchdog timer devices
  • Voltage Supervisors Design Guide
    consumptions, package options, output delays, Watchdog Timer functions and other features (such as Manual Reset inputs). The Voltage Supervisor/Detector outputs a signal that can be used by the system in different ways. The output can be use to place the system (or part of the system) in the reset
  • PICDIM Lamp Dimmer for the PIC12C508
    available ever before for microcontrollers. Using the familiar 12-bit opcode width of the PIC16C5X family with the same TMR0 module, Device Reset Timer, and WatchDog Timer (WDT), the PIC12C5XX family adds an internal 4MHz oscillator main clock, serial programming, wake-up on change, user selectable weak
  • Low Power Design Using PICmicro TM Microcontrollers
    techniques are used to reduce power consumption in the PICmicro devices. The most commonly used methods are SLEEP Mode and external events. These modes are the best way to reduce I PD in a system. The PICmicro device can periodically wake-up from Sleep using the Watchdog Timer or external interrupt, execute
  • Code development for the PIC16C52
    a Watchdog Timer (WDT), while the PIC16C52 does not. Therefore, the WDT on the PIC16C54/JW must be disabled. The ?__CONFIG? command used in Example 1 disables the WDT. 3. The PIC16C54/JW has four oscillator modes, while the PIC16C52 has two. Therefore, only RC and XT oscillator modes should be used
  • Tiny micros open new frontiers
    , a watchdog timer, power-on reset, power-saving sleep mode, and an optional analog comparator module. With only six pins, they are compact and have a short learning curve for anyone not experienced in designing with microcontrollers. An in-circuit serial-programming (ICSP) feature lets the devices

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