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  • Federal Register > Monday, January 28, 2013 > [78 FR 5773] Whitewater, Edgerton and Jefferson, WI
    … parts; turbochargers; heat exchangers; CAC assemblies; oil/fuel filters; air/oil separation equipment; air filters/elements; catalytic converters; pressure washers; water jet project machines and parts ; bearings; camshafts/crankshafts; bearing housings; gear pumps ; gear boxes/speed changers; flywheels … … static converters; unmagnetized ferrite ceramic ; solenoids; batteries; spark plugs …
  • Handbook of Elemental Speciation II: Species in the Environment Food Medicine and Occupational Health Complete Document
    … used: for example, in batteries, cable sheathing, medical equipment (protective shielding for radioactive material, electronic ceramic parts of ultrasound machines, intravenous pumps , mon- itors, etc.), paints and pigments, ceramic glazes, metal rolled and … … and pipes), military equipment ( jet turbine engine blades, military … These last decades, some of these applications, such as for water piping, as an anti- knock agent …
  • Developments in Titanium Alloy Casting Technology
    This is a higher cost method than the rammed graphite technique and, in addition, the ceramic mold is more difficult to remove from the cast parts . This method is most appropriate for large components requiring accurate dimensions such as water - jet pump impellers for hydrofoil boats.
    [ ] Electronic Leak Detection/Shut Off [ ] Engineering Services [ ] Engineering Specialties [ ] Exchange Tanks & Parts [ ] Fasteners [ ] Faucet Attachments, Filter [ ] Faucets [ ] Feeders, Chemical [ ] Feeders … … Removal [ ] Filters, Bacteriostatic [ ] Filters, Cartridge or Disposable [ ] Filters, Ceramic [ ] Filters, Color & Turbidity … … & Odor [ ] Filters, Well Water [ ] Filtration, Crossflow [ ] Filtration, Micro … … Pipe [ ] Pipe Fittings [ ] Pipe Joint Compounds [ ] Pipe Tools [ ] Plastic Molding [ ] Polyphosphates [ ] Portable Purifying Units [ ] Potassium Chloride [ ] Potassium Permanganate [ ] Pour-Through Pitcher [ ] Precipitators [ ] Pressure Switches [ ] Pressure Tanks [ ] Pressure Vessels [ ] Pumps , Brine [ ] Pumps, Centrifugal [ ] Pumps … … Pressure [ ] Pumps, Industrial [ ] Pumps, Jet [ ] Pumps, Ozone [ ] Pumps, Peristaltic …
  • IV. Methods, apparatuses and analysis
    In ,,B, " represent: ,,a " rubber sealings, ,,b " the por6sen Nembranen, that of quite betiebiger nature its k6nnen (cellulose derivatives or ceramic filter), ,,c " glass plates, ,,d " and ,,e " bakelite frame parts , ,,f " Gummischl / iuche … The circulation of the Spfilflfissigkeit is got a water jet -circulating pump dutch (see ,,A " by, Zuflug " and ,,Abfiu6 ".
  • WNGlosses (\
    … lounge_V|3 combat_area_N|1 first_aid_N|2 wounded_J|4 mirror_V|4 formalwear_N|1 fishnet_N|6 power_drill_N|2 electric_motor_N|19 screw_V|6 drilling_platform_N|1 drilling_mud_N|1 drilling_rig_N|1 offshore_J|5 radially_R|3 machine_tool_N|8 electric_drill_N|1 fountain_N|4 drinking_ water _N|6 drippings_N|1 dripping_N|1 coffeepot_N|2 … … headband_N|3 ear_canal_N|4 earphone_N|3 earlobe_N|1 ceramic _ware_N|4 overhang_N|3 crown_of_thorns_N|1 diffraction_grating_N|1 … … pepcid_N|1 esophageal_reflux_N|2 masquerade_party_N|1 semicircular_J|3 jet _engine_N|10 fanjet_engine_N|1 waist_pack_N|1 sternpost_N|1 … … fuselage_N|3 buttress_V|4 folktale_N|3 anywhere_R|9 jib_N|1 fishing_rod_N|4 fly_front_N|1 pocket_watch_N|2 watch_chain_N|1 vest_pocket_N|1 headlight_N|5 foggy_J|3 weak_ part _N|1 forte_N|1 pocketknife_N|3 … … multipurpose_J|1 oil_lamp_N|4 high_wind_N|3 encampment_N|1 hut_N|6 apresoline_N|1 discharge_pipe_N|1 main_N|1 waterworks_N|1 brake_system_N|1 brake_pedal_N|2 master_cylinder_N|1 water_ pump _N|1 fraction_N|24 hydraulic_system_N|1 …
  • Fabrication of Micropatterned Surfaces by Improved Investment Casting
    Demoulding of the cast parts was either performed by a water jet in case of plaster moulds or by mechanical removal or careful sandblasting in case of ceramic shell moulds. … is depicted in Figure 3 using the ex- ample of a rotor of a miniature blood pump .
  • The endoscopic sub-mucous dissection by means of a surgical knife at short needle with water jet (Flush-Knife) in the treatment of the epithelial neoplasias of...
    A piece in ceramic at the end of the catheter protects it from the heat. The outer cladding has a diameter of 2,6 mms and the emission of water is possible through the light of this cladding connecting it to a pump . The water jet is activated quickly by simple pressure on a foot pedal actuating the pump.
  • A continuous droplet source for plasma production with pulse lasers
    The most important parts of the experimental arrangement are shown in figure 3. About 15cm3 water is contained in a . 14- . … droplet source: 1, nickel rod; 2, excitation coil; 3, rod holder; 4, water container with lid; 5, O-ring bearing for jet adjustment; 6, refilling tube … … 18, heating coil; 19, ceramic tube for thermal insulation … … 21, flange connection to pump . brass container.
  • David Allen Company Broadens Artistic Vision with Water Jet
    David Allen Company's waterjet shop now has 10 employees.  The shop uses its Jet Edge system to cut a variety of materials including zinc, aluminum, brass, plywood templates, stone, ceramic and glass for commercial flooring projects, residential countertops and miscellaneous rush … The shop cuts with two abrasive jet heads and utilizes Jet Edge's patented Dual Pressure Valve to raise and lower water pressure independently of the intensifier pump for low-pressure piercing of fragile materials.  The shop's other equipment includes a bridge … "The waterjet has allowed us to be in control of the intricate parts of our products," …