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  • Heat Exchanger Leak - Carryover Detection (Oil In Water)
    Heat exchanger leak detection is an important standard application for many processors. Companies in all industries increasingly demand the measurement of oil contents in the ppm-range. For this purpose, inline turbidity meters have been proven worldwide as a reliable solution.
  • Underground Leak Detection: An Opportunity for Technology Integration (.pdf)
    When a leak presents itself below surface either indoors or outdoors, finding the source can be quite time consuming and expensive. There are many determining factors as to what methodology might be best applied; among them are the material (such as water, gas, oil, etc.), temperature differentials
  • Using IR Thermography for Leak Detection of Underground Hot Water Pipes
    buildings all the way to the other side of the property. The institution was undergoing major construction, which included paving new roads and extensive landscaping when a major hot water leak was suspected. It was found that the Boiler House was loosing approx. 1,000 liters/day of hot, chemically
  • Portable Leak Detection Instrument Improves Heat Rate at Electric Power Plant.
    By using a ruggedized portable ultrasonic leak detector, Mr. Brian Thorp, PdM Technician for Seminole Electric has been able to provide quick leak detection and repair on an aging steam condenser, allowing the utility to provide maximum power during high demand periods. Seminole Electric
  • Non-Invasive Roof Leak Detection Using Infrared Thermography
    Roof leaks are typically discovered by direct observation. If the roof sheathing is not visible from below, such as in an attic, the wallboard or ceiling covering must first be removed. This removal is necessary in order to "visualize" the intrusion point at the underside of the roof sheathing
  • A Satellite in Hot Water
    to complete. The predictive maintenance team has implemented the same technique for all of our chilled and hot water pipes. We are monitoring the condition of the submerged pipes and above ground pipes, as well as the condition of the insulation and leak detection.
  • Flow Switches for Oil/Gas Refinery Water Treatment
    applications that range from pump protection to valve leak detection. In selecting a flow switch for refinery water applications, the first step is choosing the appropriate flow switch technology. There are numerous flow switch sensing technologies available from multiple manufacturers. They all have
  • How Ultrasound Technology Was Used To Locate Low Level Leaks In Heat Exchangers
    Ultrasonic leak detection has been used for a variety of applications ranging from energy reduction by locating compressed air leaks to quality assurance inspections such as locating wind noise and water leaks in automobiles. The secret to success is to understand the nature of what type of leak

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