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  • Ultrasonic Metering for Small Water Meter Applications
    For many years, ultrasonic metering has been utilized for large scale liquid and gas measurement. However, it is a relatively new technology for small meter applications - particularly those designed for potable. water. This paper outlines ultrasonic metering operating principles and the use
  • Interfacing a Water Flow Meter Sensor To An Ultrasonic AFE and Precision Time Interval Timer
    This is an introduction to ultrasonic flow sensing and describes a demonstration setup to measure velocity of flow in a pipe using an ultrasonic water flow-meter sensor, the TDC1000 ultrasonic analog-front-end (UAFE), and TDC7200 precision time interval timer.
  • Flow Meter Enhances Chlorination System Performance for Municipal Water Department
    The water municipality at a mid-size city in the Western region of the U.S. serving a population of about 180,000 people needed to address a chlorine disinfection system problem at one of its water treatment plants. The city's engineers take great pride in providing their community with a safe
  • Use of Self Recording Current Meter (RCM9) in the Cosa Project (.pdf)
    A self recording current meter was deployed approximately 20 cm above the bottom to provide 1-minute interval information on the amplitude and direction of the bottom currents as well as the water temperature, salinity, oxygen and suspended particle content during the field campaigns. The Recording
  • Irrigation Water Flow Measurement
    Fred Rice, Manager of the United Irrigation District was looking for a flowmeter that did not obstruct flow in the irrigation canals. He used many meter types in the past but "other methods required a structure or weir in the channel that raised the water level and required a holding pond."
  • Bromide Analysis in Water
    The following analysis is valid for bromide levels as low as 0.5 ppm. Check the deionized water used in reagent preparation. The specific conductivity should be no greater than 2.0 uSCM-1 (5 Mohms). Sample solutions should be free of iodide and sulfide ions. Equipment: Meter: pH/Millivolt meter
  • United Water Solves Big Data Problem with Siemens Magnetic Flow Meter Technology
    Siemens SITRANS FM Mag 8000 provides accurate water balance data for water utility in New York, pinpointing line breaks and saving water
  • Pharmaceutical WFI Water
    Ultrapure deionized water is commonly used in the health care industry to manufacture products such as eye drops, nose spray, and hygiene products. This highly purified water, sometimes referred to as "WFI" (Water for Injection), presents many challenges for a flowmeter. WFI is nonconductive
  • Gas and Water Metering with the PIC16F91X Family
    are electricity, water and gas. Water and Gas are measured with very similar systems while electric meters are very unique. Electric meters measure the power consumbed at a customers site. This type of meter is very easy to convert into an electronic version using an MCP3905 single-phase power
  • Mag Meter Ensures Cooling Water Presence in Hot Strip Mill
    Hot rolling processes involve starting with steel slabs 8 to 9 inches thick and up to 36 feet long, then rolling them into strips as thin as 1/16 inch and up to a half mile in length. it is important to descale the steel throughout the process to maintain the desired quality.
  • Flooded Cable / Connector Water Blocking and Reterminating at Sea
    Field application of breakthrough BONDiT TM technology proves effective in reterminating flooded cable/connector assemblies in offshore oil field for immediate deep-water redeployment. A flooded high voltage power cable on a 1250 meter deployment for pile driving on a new Shell Oil platform
    Water shortages and drought are becoming more common and longer-lasting throughout the world in places as far apart as California and China. Desalination is being hailed as one of the most effective solutions to the global water crisis.
  • A Meter-Mix Solution for 3K CARCs (.pdf)
    standards for more environmentally responsible coatings with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the company switched to a three-component (3K) water-based CARC primer and Type I topcoat, both supplied by Sherwin-Williams.

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