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  • How to Buy a Cyclonic Dust Separator
    The prospector pans for gold in the gravel deposits along the outside bends of the lower reaches of a mountain stream. The farmer separates the heavier cream from the cow's milk using a centrifuge. The laundry spins the wet clothes at high speed to extract water. All of these events
  • Comparing Oil/Water Separator Coalescers: The Multi-Pack TM Vs. The Rest of the Pack
    the pages that follow describe some of the various coalescer designs on the market today. While each is manufactured to help oil droplets collide and coalesce to the top of a vessel, they all have an inherent problem with premature fouling. all coalescers are efficient when the process flow begins,
  • Using Organoclays to Remove Oil From Water
    Facility owners and managers can evaluate their entire wastewater treatment system, including meeting discharge permits and the possible recycling of water, and the benefits of an oil/water separator/organoclay/activated carbon treatment system vs. having the water hauled away with potential
  • The True Cost of Ownership: Initial Purchase Price Vs.Long Term Costs of Oil Water Separators
    When evaluating various manufacturers' oil water separator offerings, there are some very important considerations to make in regard to total life-cycle costs of the equipment. Like most industrial wastewater equipment, an oil water separator is not a set-it-and-forget-it system. The initial
  • Treatment of Jet Fuel Storage Tank Condensate
    permitted discharge into a nearby river. The permanent treatment system at this terminal facility consists of an oil/water separator, a 30-inch column of OilSorb, and a column containing activated carbon for final effluent polishing.
  • Reverse Osmosis and Pretreatment Chemicals save US $110,000 for US Battery Manufacturer
    , from cars to submarines to defense to healthcare. During the battery separator production process, Daramic uses three 100 to 150 lb boilers for their heating needs. Daramic used sand filters, water softeners and chemicals for pretreatment of the water prior to it going to the boilers. These water
  • New Blower Packages Improve Dewatering System Performance
    blower set up for vacuum operation and coupled with a moisture separator before the blower provides a new dewatering method that is more energy efficient and significantly more controllable. In dewatering applications, the rotary-lobe blower acts as a vacuum pump but does not require water
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    . Replace air lubricant separators according to specifications or sooner. Rotary screw compressors generally start with their air lubricant separators having a 2-3 psi pressure drop at full load. Once this number increases to 10 psid, change the separator [14]. Check water-cooling systems for water quality
  • Lithium Battery Basics
    and have a relatively high internal impedance, with nominal output voltages between 2.7 and 3.6 V. The absence of water along with the chemical and physical stability of the materials gives lithium batteries an extended operating temperature range. At least one lithium-based system operates
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | April 2007 | FCT |
    , Darrin Grant Elliott, Carolyn A. Lawrence, and David Reinhold Pfeil, Cellex Power Products, Inc. (CA). U.S. 7,172,638 (20070206), Staged air autothermal reformer for improved startup and operation, Gary M Robb, General Motors Corp. U.S. 7,172,647 (20070206), Coolant mixture separator assembly
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents :: ABT Online :: May 2008 :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    U.S. 7,338,248 (20080304), Battery changing system for an industrial truck, Michael Buchmann and Udo Neumann, STILL GmbH (DE). U.S. 7,338,539 (20080304), Die cast battery terminal and a method of making, Robert W. Ratte and Norman E. Peterson, Water Gremlin Co. U.S. 7,338,545 (20080304), Apparatus

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