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  • Irrigation Water PH Cpntrol, Irrigation Water Disinfection, Fertigation
    Agriculture accounts for nearly 1/3 of all water usage in the United States. Most of this water is taken as surface water, but an increasing amount is being withdrawn from the water table. Irrigation water usage has nearly doubled since 1950 and continues to increase. This increase has caused more
  • Wattage Estimation Table - Kilowatt Hours to Heat Water
  • Membrane Processing for Water Treatment in the Semiconductor Industry (.pdf)
    , safety, and lead time will be even higher. Product cycle times in the microelectronics industry are approximately 2 years. This requires an increasing demand on the high-purity water quality. Table A shows how high-purity water specifications have developed over the past decades as the structure
  • Water in Acetic Acid & p-Xylene with a ChemView (R) Filter Photometer
    was created using PLSPlus/IQ TM (Galactic Industries) within GRAMS/32 TM. The results show reasonable predictions in the table below. PLS uses the complete spectrum for quantitative analysis. It is apparent from the spectra, however, that water can be analyzed near 1380 nm, independent of pxylene or acetic
  • Mining Review Africa - Issue 4 2003
    electricity supplies to the Zambian mining industry cannot be overemphasised. With most of the operations taking place far below the water table, power failures of a duration as short as 30 minutes on some mines could result in flooding of these mines with catastrophic consequences. Highly reliable
  • MaxFlo for OG Removal Case Examples
    , and was collected as filtrate. The TOC before and after the MaxFlo bed are shown in Table 1. A picture of before and after MaxFlo bed in Figure 2 showed MaxFlo also removed the color from the feed water.
  • MICRO:Green & Clean, by Joseph Van Gompel, p.67 (July '99)
    2012. The SIA's 1997 figures, listed in Table I, are identical to those in the 1998 update of the roadmap. These targets include the reduction of water use from 30 to 2 gal/sq in. of silicon by 2009. While much of the water consumption in the semiconductor industry comes from wet benches
  • Why Measure Conductivity?
    Fresh water from municipal water systems or private wells contains a certain amount of dissolved solids. Some of these solids break down into electrically charged ions in their aqueous state. The classic physics lab example is common table salt (NaCl), which reduces to a positive sodium ion (Na

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