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  • New Test To Detect Triclosan in Water
    Chemist Weilin Shelver (left) and technician Amy McGarvey examine ELISA test results of river water, tap water, and sewage samples for content of the widely used antibacterial agent triclosan. A new test that detects triclosan at a concentration of 20 parts per trillion (ppt) --the equivalent of 1
  • Water Cooled Test Chamber Information
    Why do CSZ's larger test chambers need cooling water? The water is used to cool the large capacity refrigeration systems at its condenser (where the refrigerant changes phase from a gas to a "condensed" liquid). Our smaller chambers have air-cooled condensers that expel the heat directly
  • How Long Does a Water Activity Test Take?
    Some water activity meters promise a test completed in five minutes. "Five minutes" is an average time that suits many applications. Many - not all.
  • The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About the New USP <643> Sterile Water Section
    In 1996, the Oxidizable Substances Test was replaced. with Total Organic Carbon (TOC) testing for purified. water and water for injection. The rationale behind this. change was that the century-old Oxidizable Substances. Test was too subjective for organic impurities that. may be present
  • The First Choice for Water Vapor Permeability Test of Drug Packaging-Weighing Method
    Abstract: Test methods of water vapor permeability test of drug packaging and the data relationship of various test methods, the relationship between and developmental direction of weighing method and desiccant method. Water vapor permeability is an important index in evaluating barrier property
  • What is a Salt Fog Test?
    A salt fog test subjects test specimens to an atomized fog of water having a high salt content (typically 5%). The purpose is to simulate a corrosive atmosphere.
  • Don't Trust - Test
    This presentation will focus on the need to test the information gathered by an IR scan before simply trusting what you see. Frequently, while doing a moisture remediation scan, walls will be within acceptable moisture levels but look significantly wet in an IR scan. The presenter will explore
  • Technical Article: Air Under Water (AUW) - Also known as the "Bubble Test" / Dye Penetrant Leak Test
    AUW, also referred to as the "bubble test," may be okay for medium and large leaks, but is poor for SPC and correlation to other leak test methods is almost impossible. AUW can be used to detect

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