Products/Services for Waterproof Batting

  • Ceramic Insulation and Textiles-Image
    Ceramic Insulation and Textiles - (151 companies)
    Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation products that consist of ceramic fibers in bulk, cloth, batting, paper or rope forms. Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation...
  • Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics-Image
    Synthetic Fibers and Fabrics - (464 companies) straps that have to withstand strain (belt, seat belts, suspenders, etc.) Webbing includes ribbons, strapping, and tape. Blankets or batts -- Blankets or batts (batting) are made of thick layers of woven and/or non-woven fabric sheets. Battings are webs...
    Waterproofing Membranes - (128 companies)
    Waterproofing membranes consist of waterproof plastic, rubber, or coated fabric materials. When properly installed, they are used to prevent the ingress of water into foundations, roofs, walls, basements, buildings and structures. Waterproofing...
  • Industrial Fabrics-Image
    Industrial Fabrics - (620 companies)
    ...strapping, and tape. Blankets or batts-Blankets or batts (batting) are made of thick layers of woven and/or non-woven fabric sheets. Battings are webs of loose fibers that have usually been carded. Battings are sold in sheets or rolls and used for warm...
  • Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles-Image
    Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles - (468 companies)
    Features. Chemical or fuel resistant. Electrically conductive. Electrically insulating. Flame retardant. Hydrophilic. Absorbent. Suitable for sound-proofing. Hydrophobic. Waterproof. Fireproof. Thermally insulating. Resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light...
    Mortars and Pestles - (15 companies)
    Mortar and pestle sets are used to crush, grind, and mix small solids or slurries. The mortar has the shape of a small, heavy walled cup. The pestle looks like a miniature baseball bat, the end of which is used for crushing or grinding. Mortars...
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (197 companies)
    Natural fibers and fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, or woven cloth manufactured from plant materials such as cotton, wool, linen (flax), sisal, jute, hemp, or silk.
    Helmets and Hardhats - (428 companies)
    ...sealed, waterproof helmet used by divers in underwater construction applications that is connected to a surface supply of oxygen. Standards. GGG-H-211 - HELMETS, WELDERS'; HANDSHIELD, WELDING; AND PLATES, WELDING. A-A-55202 - HELMET, FIREMAN'S. BS 5240...
    Toggle Switches - (384 companies)
    Locking mechanism. Time delay. CE certification. CSA certification. UL listing. Dustproof. Weather resistant. Waterproof. Configuration. Maintained-contact toggle switches and momentary-contact toggle switches differ in terms of switch configuration...
    Nonwovens - (216 companies)
    ...the fluff pulp and suspends these fibers in air in a forming system. The fibers are then deposited on a forming screen, the batting is bonded using an adhesive, and the fibers are dried. Wet-laid nonwovens are made in a process that is similar...

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