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  • Testing the Integrity of Welds Holding Threaded Studs onto Sheet Metal
    control tool to test and verify if a threaded stud is securely welded or if it will simply break off. The Weld Stud Test Tool by Mountz, Inc. is designed for a quick and easy controlled test of the integrity of welds holding threaded studs onto sheet metal.
  • Accelerometers: Hermetic sealing and helium leak testing
    Loosely defined as a "metal to metal weld, braze, solder or metal to glass fusion," hermetic sealing is a vague (and often abused) term. Under the previously cited definition even a porous weld would qualify as hermetic even though its ability to prevent contamination would be negligible. Epoxy
  • Leakproof tubular welds
    Deformation-resistance welding simplifies tube joining. Researchers at Ohio State Univ. used a midfrequency dc 1,200-Hz resistance welder with British Federal WS4004 controller to deformation-resistance weld monotube shock-test specimens from Delphi Energy and Chassis Systems Corp. Suspension links
  • Medical Device Link . Improving Resistance Welding Process Control in Medical Applications
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry New systems enhance manufacturers' control over key variables during the welding process. During the past two decades, resistance welding has become a widespread method for joining metals in medical manufacturing applications such as biosensors, catheters
  • Medical Device Link .
    incidental fluid exposure or as complex as a full-penetration fusion weld for bioimplants such as pacemakers. Hermetic seals can be characterized by a variety of test methods, from standard pressure-decay or bubble-emission tests to sophisticated mass spectrometer or radioactive analyses. Because all
  • Mitigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Nuclear Weldments Using Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    results are shown for 304 stainless steel, Alloy 22 and Alloy 718. SCC test results comparing LPB treated and un-treated 304 stainless steel weldments are presented. Results show that the deep compression produced by LPB eliminates SCC in austenitic weldments.
  • Tough Coatings
    Physical-vapor deposition creates ultrathin, ceramiclike coatings that can significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components. In a test with a Kawasaki Ninja, the tappets were coated with Balinit DLC, wrist pins and all gears with Balinit C (WC/C). The dyno result shows
  • Tin Vs. Bare
    simple, the real world practitioners have experienced different results than the lab testing would suggest. Our own testing has proven both types of copper can be right if you add in the missing variable...time. Fresh, new, bare copper conductor works great. Unfortunately, we have found