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  • Temperature Evaluation of Weld Vee Geometry and Performance (.pdf)
    . Two-dimensional, coupled electromagnetic and thermal FEM analyses give the temperature distributions in the cross-section of the weld point. The results are presented as isothermal lines at the weld point.
  • Computation and Analysis of Temperature Distribution in the Cross-section of the Weld Vee (.pdf)
    Temperature distributions in the cross-section of the weld point are calculated through two-dimensional coupled electromagnetic and thermal FEM analyses. A specific development, using FLUX2D, has been done in order to take into account the tube walls' movement towards each other as they approach
  • Temperature Monitoring of Cooling Metal for Quality Welds
    CAS DataLoggers provided the dataTaker datalogger solution for a welding company working on a wide variety of metal parts. Welders first have to preheat the metal before welding, so they needed a temperature monitoring system to display the metal temperature and ensure a quality weld.
  • Low Transformation Temperature (LTT) Welding Consumables for Residual Stress Management
    . temperature. This harmful stress makes the welded joints more prone to fa-. tigue failure. The use of low-transformation-temperature welding (LTTW). wires, producing martensitic transformation close to room temperature,. was validated as a technique to manage the residual stresses and improve
  • Welding
    by applying heat and pressure. The temperature is usually below the melting point of the materials joined. Hot-press, ultrasonic, diffusion, and explosive welding are examples of solid-state welding. Fusion welding methods, chiefly gas, arc, and resistance, are the most widely used and are less restrictive
  • Shedding New Light On Tiny Packages
    . The sensor membrane is made from silicon nitride, 100 to 300 nm thick. Deposited on the membrane are tiny heating elements and temperature sensors. The light-absorbing housing is molded from ABS and the optically transparent cover from PMMA. A 1-mm-wide weld line gives the gastight cover the required
  • Welding Options For Molded Parts
    Select the right welding system when joining rotationally molded parts. Edited by Jean M. Hoffman The Injectiweld system is said to be the only welding unit to make a permanent repair on rotomolded parts. Its heated aluminum tip, molten welding rod, and piston injection give the right temperature
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Ultrasonic welding systems for thermoplastics use fully digital signal processing to maintain consistent performance independent of component aging or temperature fluctuations. Unlike previous analog systems, the Dynamic-series welders from use computer numeric control to produce repeatable welds
  • How to: Sensing against the elements
    of sensors can handle exposure to cleansers, chemicals, extreme temperatures and weld fields while delivering accurate results. Here are just a few examples of how you can minimize downtime from sensor failures and lengthen the time between replacements by taking advantage of the latest proximity sensor

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