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  • Computers-Image
    Computers - (1785 companies)
    Computers are programmable electronic devices that accept data, execute prerecorded instructions, perform mathematical and logical operations, and output results. Image credit: National Instruments | Phoenix Contact USA | Nortech Engineering...
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  • Ruggedized Computers-Image
    Ruggedized Computers - (317 companies)
    Ruggedized computers are similar to personal computers (PC), but they are intended for use on a factory floor or in other harsh environments. How to Select Ruggedized Computers. Ruggedized desktop. Fanless box PC. Mobile computing terminal. Image...
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  • Computer Motherboards-Image
    Computer Motherboards - (307 companies)
    Computer motherboards are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that house basic computer circuitry and vital components. They are devices into which other computer boards or cards are plugged. Computer motherboards manage all of the data transactions...
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  • Computer Cables-Image
    Computer Cables - (304 companies)
    How to Select Computer Cables. Computer cables are used to connect monitors, keyboards, printers, hard drives, and other peripherals to computers. Types of Computer Cables. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database contains information about many different...
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  • Notebook and Laptop Computers-Image
    Notebook and Laptop Computers - (502 companies)
    Notebook and laptop computers unify basic computing components and peripherals into a single device. This portability is often at the expense of memory capacity and computing power. Notebook and laptop computers are personal computers which unite...
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    Computer Workstations - (63 companies)
    Computer Workstations are desks, benches or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. Computer Workstations are desks, benches, or racks that are specifically used to hold a computer. They are commonly found in office spaces, residential...
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    Tablet Computers - (179 companies)
    Tablet computers are notebook computers with a liquid crystal display (LCD) on which the user can write using a special-purpose pen, or stylus. Tablet computers, also known simply as tablets, are notebook-sized mobile computers - equipped...
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    Computer Terminals - (90 companies)
    Thin clients are network computers that are especially small so that most data processing occurs on the server. Thin clients are powered by centralized servers and do not contain CD-ROM drives, disc drives, and expansion slots. Thin clients...
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    Computer Power Supplies - (325 companies)
    Computer power supplies convert alternating current (AC) line to direct current (DC) line, needed by the computer. Computer power supplies are designed specifically to power computers and their peripherals. They convert alternating current (AC...
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    Single Board Computers (SBC) - (310 companies)
    Single board computers (SBC) serve as the motherboard for instrumentation systems including modern PCs. SBCs are composed of a microprocessor, memory chip, and serial and parallel interfaces to communicate with other devices. Processor or CPU type...
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    The first key contribution deals with the simulation of technical processes with large plastic deformations and fracture developments (D. R. W. Owen … … that third with new developments and prospects of the computer mechanism (J. N. Reddy … … A. J. of Fletcher, Australia ).
  • Computational Mechanics for the Next millennium (Eds.: C. M. Wang and other)
    The first key contribution deals with the simulation of technical processes with large plastic deformations and fracture developments (D. R. W. Owen … … that third with new developments and prospects of the computer mechanism (J. N. Reddy … … A. J. of Fletcher, Australia ).
    … SME Definition: User Guide and Model Declaration, undated, 14 and 16; Government of Australia , Australian Bureau of … a Includes exporting and nonexporting manufacturing firms and nonexporting services firms. b Selected by the Commission on the basis of size and export potential, and includes wholesale trade services; professional, scientific, and … … finance and insurance services. c Computer services was the only …
  • Abstracts
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  • Federal Register > Friday, May 30, 2014 > [79 FR 31138] Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-the Open Group, L.L.C.
    … Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA; CA, Inc., Cedar Valley, CANADA; CAE Mining, Rivonia, SOUTH AFRICA; CALCULEX Inc., Las Cruces, NM; Capgemini S.A., Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS; Cardiff University School of Computer Science, Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM … … and C Solutions, Wahroonga, AUSTRALIA ; Celestial Consulting Limited, Kent … … Avionics & Industrial Inc., Tampa, FL; Corso Ltd., Leamington Spa, UNITED KINGDOM; Costco Wholesale , Issaquah, WA; CPP …
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