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    Dehumidifiers - (174 companies)
    Industrial dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air in order to prevent rust, mildew, and damage to electrical components. They also add heat to the area being treated, further reducing the relative humidity of the surrounding air. Types...
    Removal Technique
    Air Volume
    Moisture Removal
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    Humidifiers (industrial) - (170 companies)
    Industrial humidifiers add moisture to warm, circulated air in order to protect furnishings and reduce static electricity.
  • Condensate Pumps-Image
    Condensate Pumps - (188 companies)
    Condensate pumps are used to collect and transport condensate back into a steam system for reheating and reuse, or to remove unwanted condensate from an HVAC or appliance collection pan.
  • Vaporizers-Image
    Vaporizers - (65 companies)
    Vaporizers are heat exchangers that convert liquefied gases to a warm gaseous product. The heat source can be ambient air, steam or water.
  • Instrument and Computer Power Connectors-Image
    Instrument and Computer Power Connectors - (23 companies)
    ...disk drive. There are two basic types of products: Molex and mini-plug. Molex connectors are keyed devices that attach to disk drives by friction. They are larger than mini-plug connectors and often use American Wire Gauge (AWG) 16 to 18 wires...
    Heat Pipes - (55 companies)
    Heat pipes are self-contained heat pumps that can transport heat at high rates over fairly substantial distances with no external pumping power.
    Air Conditioners - (638 companies) not feasible. Ceiling-mount units are available in both suspended and flush-mount configurations. This configuration is particularly useful in computer rooms or other spaces where spot cooling is needed. Ductless, split unit, and mini-split unit air...
    USB Cables - (216 companies)
    USB devices with an A-style female port to a PC or another USB device. USB Type B connectors are square-like in shape and have two slightly beveled corners. They are designed for use with peripheral devices. USB Mini-A connectors are miniaturized Type...
    Kilns (industrial) - (95 companies)
    Industrial kilns are very high temperature thermal processing units, used for firing ceramics or calcining minerals.
    Hot Cells - (8 companies)
    ...and development cells, stackable mini-cells, and produce and dispense cells. Research and development or R &D hot cells are often used to test new chemistry units or processes. Generally, these radiation containment chambers are large for maximum flexibility...

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