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    Ultrasonic Horns and Boosters - (41 companies)
    ...crystallization, cutting, defoaming, die bonding, fluid processing, homogenization, joining, mixing, packaging sealing, plastic welding, riveting, sealing, seaming, spot welding, surface treatment, wire bonding, non-destructive testing, and more...
    Semiconductor Bonding Tools - (11 companies)
    Semiconductor bonding tools include tools for die bonding and wire bonding. Semiconductor bond tools are used to attach and interconnect a semiconductor die or IC chip to a package or substrate. Die bonding tools include bonding capillaries, bonding...
    Die Bonders - (27 companies)
    Die bonders permanently attach a semiconductor die or chip to a package or substrate. Die bonders are specialized semi- or fully-automatic high-precision machine tools used in semiconductor device fabrications. Die bonders fix the semiconductor chip...
  • Ground Bond Testers-Image
    Ground Bond Testers - (92 companies)
    Ground bond testers are electrical safety test devices that perform electrical compliance tests. Ground testing is mandated on all electrical and electronic devices by a variety of compliance standards bodies to ensure that persons coming in contact...
  • Foam Bonding Tapes-Image
    Foam Bonding Tapes - (81 companies)
    Foam bonding tapes are specialized tapes designed for adhesive joining of foam materials. Foam bonding tapes are designed for the adhesive joining of foam materials. They use adhesives that are formulated for specific types of foams and substrates...
    Wire Manufacturing Services - (123 companies)
    How to Select Wire Manufacturing Services. Wire manufacturing services draw, coil, roll, spool, finish and heat-treat wire and raw wire stock. They may also perform secondary services such as braiding, bonding, cabling, cutting, insulating, printing...
    Wire to Wire Connectors - (83 companies)
    Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire-terminated connectors. They are used as electrical connectors, electronic connectors, and computer connectors. General specifications for a wire-to-wire connector include mating combination...
    Rubber Bonding Services - (30 companies)
    Rubber bonding services produce rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-rubber, and elastomer-to-metal bonded components using cold bonding, hot bonding, laminating, taping, molding, and adhesive technologies. Rubber bonding services produce rubber-to-metal...
    Litz Wire - (37 companies)
    Litz wires are constructed of individually insulated magnet wires that are either twisted or braided into a uniform pattern to minimize power loss. Litz wire is constructed of individually insulated magnetic wires that are either twisted or braided...
    Magnet Wire - (47 companies)
    Magnet wire is used to create coils that, when energized, produce an electromagnetic field. Typically, these insulated electrical conductors are made of copper or aluminum. Magnet wire is available in large and small sizes and may have a square...

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  • Unconventional applications of wire bonding create opportunities for microsystem integration
    The group used a thick-wire bonder with a 60 kHz sonotrode to form wedge– wedge bonds of a polymeric wire (fiber) [148].
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    On the second contact, the wire isn't released after the ultrasound-Verschweissung by the raising of the sonotrode so that it directly tears behind the bond compound .
  • Practice knowledge welding technique
    … method 4, fatigue strength 243 welding compounds in mechanical engineering 251, execution, welding compounds in the steel … Welding deformations 282 welding bead 99 welding current source 31 secondary gas 164 self-regulating effect 24 selbstschützende filling wire electrode 62 Vertical welding 41 sensitization 195 Shock of … … particular austenites 402 particular load 241 particular profile 383 sonotrode 104, 132 .
  • Polymer Engineering
    … tools 265 seals 128, 138, 150 Silanol groups 124 Silanol-group Si(OH)3 128 150 silver 108 488 silane-adhesive agents 128 silanes (SiOH) Silanole, 149 silver wire 149 - 149 Silesquioxan gilded … … carbide fibers 149 silicon compounds 353 silicate platelets 110 … … 25, 135 solvolysis 614 particular welding method 503 sunlight 101 solar radiation 104 sonotrode 490 surfacers 130 …
  • Smart Card Handbook 4th Edition Complete Document
    A coil made from 150-µm copper wire is formed on a plastic foil and simultaneously bonded directly to the foil using ultrasonic welding. This is done using a device called a Sonotrode , which mechanically guides the wire and welds it …
  • CR4 - Thread: How Do I Measure The Amplitude of Ultrasonic Vibrations?
    This device consists of a piece of polarized PZT ceramic with fine wire leads attached to the … This little ceramic chip (perhaps 1 mm square) is bonded to the sonotrode surface.
  • Joining NbTi superconductors by ultrasonic welding
    … for two reasons: (a) overheating of the superconductor could cause some annealing of the NbTl and loss of its superconducting properties, and (b) mechanical removal of the solder, such as wire brushing, leaves a roughened … … strength of the USH bond by 50%. Because USW bonds only at the first acoustical impedance below the sonotrode tip, the channel- superconductor bond …
  • Performance improvements for pyroelectric infrared detectors
    The responsive elements are electrically connected with the bonding surfaces of the read-out circuit by ultrasonic wire bonding . … AlSi wire with a diameter of 17.5 µm and with a special sonotrode is smaller than …
  • High-resolution pyroelectric linear arrays based on LiTaO3
    The diameter of the A1Si bonding wire used is typically 17.5 Inn. Minimum bond pitch > 50 im is obtained with special sonotrodes .
  • Pyroelectric linear arrays and their application
    The responsive elements are electrically connected with the bond pads of the read-out circuit by ultrasonic wire bonding . … AlSi wire with a diameter of 17.5 µm and with a special sonotrode is smaller than …