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    Inductive Proximity Sensors - (314 companies)
    Inductive proximity sensors are non-contact proximity devices that set up a radio frequency field with an oscillator and a coil. The presence of an object can alters this field and the sensor is able to detect this alteration. An inductive...
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    Proximity Sensors - (918 companies)
    Proximity sensors, all types is a general search form for all proximity sensors and presence detection product areas. Proximity sensors are non-contact devices which detect the presence of nearby objects. They may employ one of a variety of sensing...
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    Vibration Sensors - (218 companies)
    Vibration sensors cover sensors and other instruments used for measuring vibration and acceleration. Vibration sensors are sensors for measuring, displaying, and analyzing linear velocity, displacement and proximity, or acceleration. Vibration...
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    Linear Position Sensors - (747 companies)
    ...medium. Inductive, Hall Effect, magnetoresistive, magnetostrictive, and variable reluctance sensors measure the disruption of magnetic fields. Linear potentiometers produce a resistance output proportional to an object's displacement or position...
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    Safety Sensor Switches - (95 companies)
    ...photoelectric safety sensors, safety blocks, safety interlock switches, and wireless safety. Safety sensor switches provide readily accessible emergency stop over a long linear distance such as exposed conveyor lines. Function. Safety sensor switches...
    Speed Sensors - (143 companies)
    ...magnetoresistive, inductive, variable reluctance, Hall Effect and optical. Magnetoresistive sensors incorporate the resistance of the sensing element as a function of the direction and magnitude (proximity) of an applied magnetic field. Inductive sensors...
    Electrical Voltage Sensors - (128 companies)
    Electrical voltage sensors measure AC and/or DC voltage levels. They receive voltage inputs and provide outputs as analog voltage signals, analog current levels, switches, or audible signals. They can also provide frequency and modulated frequency...
    Shock and Impact Sensors - (63 companies) a material due to mechanical stress. Piezoelectric shock sensors use some type of piezoelectric material in close proximity to a solid mass. When forces are applied to the device, the material responds to the compression or strain provided by the mass. Due...
    Signal Conditioners - (906 companies)
    Signal conditioners provide amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for reading by computer boards. Signal conditioning is a set of operations performed on a signal that makes it suitable...
    Accelerometers - (293 companies)
    ...accelerometer. Accelerometers can be constructed in various forms using different technological means. For specific types of accelerometers, please see the 'Sensor Types' section below. Applications. Accelerometers are used in a wide range of applications...

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