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  • Agfa Shows New Integrated Publication Platform at drupa 2008.
    Agfa Graphics announced today that it will bring to its booth in hall 8a at drupa 2008 the new :Apogee Media, an advanced flexible content management and editorial workflow platform specially designed for content creators, brand owners and service providers who work in either print or web-based
  • Distribution Boxes Save Time & Money on Oil Drilling Platform
    An off-shore oil drilling platform was having problems with miswiring, condensation, corrosion and electrical shorts. They were facing downtime and increased costs because of it. Turning to Remke to solve their problems, the Engineered Solutions team went to work developing a distribution box
  • Choosing the Right Work Access Lift for Your Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Work Platforms
    When selecting a work access lift, providing workplace safety is the ultimate goal. By design, they move personnel, the tools and materials they are using, and provide portable ergonomic workstations for safe, efficient performance. Each platform's requirements vary by application use, environment
  • Safe Use of a Mobile Ladder Platform
    mobile ladder. platforms to prevent accidents. For example, Duke Energy released a "Nuclear Safe Work Practice 2.2 Elevated Working Surfaces and Platforms - Including Scaffolds and Roofs". This document provides information to protect employees from hazards when using a ladder and work platforms.
  • How Air Bearings Work
    diaphragm beneath the load support surface. Air is pumped into the diaphragm and passes freely through the diaphragm holes and into the plenum beneath, raising the platform off the ground. The air that is forced out between the diaphragm and the ground forms a thin lubricating air film. Since
  • Why an Open "Plug-and-Play" Platform is the Answer for Industrial Automation
    What is the number one thing that industrial automation engineers want at work?. It's simple: the freedom and flexibility to choose the best tools without reservation. That autonomy, however, is rarely achieved, not just in industrial automation but practically any industry these days. Oh sure
  • Platform-Independent Software Enables True Interoperability in Zigbee Networks
    . In 2004, years of work by the ZigBee Alliance finally paid off when they published the original ZigBee standard. Since then, numerous ZigBee devices have been developed for a range of cost-effective, reliable, low-power wireless applications. To date, application developers have relied on custom
  • Digital Insights: Social Networking: Which Sites Work, Which Don t?
    international focus, good for business with the UK as 60% of members reside in Great Britain. Platform includes blog capabilities, marketplace listings, news feeds, events, etc. Ecademy includes a free basic membership and a paid premier membership to create clubs, conduct private meetings and personal
  • Case Study: Tetra Tech EC, INC
    Tetra Tech EC, Inc. was looking for a platform that would enhance the estimating process to increase overall accuracy and speed up work flows. To strengthen its position in the market, the company wanted to become more responsive in creating cost estimates and proposals for projects that are often
  • Safe as Houses
    People who work at vertigo-inducing heights on window-washing platforms, risers, lift platforms and fire ladders want to be assured that the surface on which they stand is maintained at a safe and steady angle. This can be accomplished with special tilt and angle sensors - when the platform exceeds
  • Agfa HealthCare launches new digital mammography functionality within IMPAX TM
    Agfa HealthCare announces today the launch of a range of functional extensions for digital mammography reading and reporting applications on its industry leading IMPAX TM PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) platform. The company is launching IMPAX 6.2 integrated with CAD and MRS (R
  • Smart Computing Article - All Aboard The Data Shuttle
    All Aboard The Data Shuttle May 2005 Vol.9 Issue 3 Add To My Personal Library All Aboard The Data Shuttle Moving Files Between PCs & Macs Whether you re a Mac devotee or a PC fan, you may at some point need to make important files created on one platform work with the other. The good news
  • Modifying the PICDEMTM USB Board for PIC18 Full-Speed USB Microcontrollers
    Microchip Technology's PICDEM TM USB Demonstration Board (DM163010) was designed as a development platform for PlC16C745/765 USB microcontrollers, prior to the introduction of the PIC184550 family of full-speed USB devices. This document describes how to modify the demo board to work with the PIC18
  • Developing Diagnostic Products Using Polymer Laminate Technology (.pdf)
    In the development of newer molecular and immunodiagnostic products, panels of tests are launched on a single platform. To accomplish this, complex fluid circuits that perform sample preparation and sample distribution interface with other functional elements. When a device incorporates