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    I. n 2009, 120 homes near the Oxnard/ Ventura area of California. were fitted with STRONGRAIL. (R). , Strongwell's architectural. handrail and fencing system. The homes originally used wrought. iron for balcony and pool perimeter fencing, which all succumbed. to the salt air and water. This caused
  • Backtalk - 05/05/2008
    in the disaster, Foecke stated in his report that the critical failure may have been the use of brittle, substandard wrought iron rivets to hold the giant ship's hull plates together. (See "Failure of Tiny Rivets May Have Sunk 'Unsinkable' Liner, "; NIST Update, Feb. 17, 1998; ) The shock of the collision
  • Carbon Steel
    Carbon steel, also called plain carbon steel, is a malleable, iron-based metal containing carbon, small amounts of manganese, and other elements that are inherently present. Steels can either be cast to shape or wrought into various mill forms from which finished parts are formed, machined, forged
  • PM Brings Satellite TV to RVs
    on these was more cost effective than wrought metal gears, " he adds. PM-part maker Symmco Inc., Sykesville, Pa., collaborated with Winegard to design components and tooling for both the skew and elevation mechanisms while keeping manufacturing efficiency in mind. For instance, the motor drive's PM pinion

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  • British iron and steel AD1800-2000 and beyond
    In marked con- trast, wrought iron production increased by only about nine fold during the first half of the century, reached a peak in 1882 and showed a slow annual decline there- after.
  • Dictionary of Metals
    In addition to the basic metals, hundreds of alloys are described, as well as common names such as mild steel, cartridge brass, wrought iron , sterling silver, Muntz metal, Alclad, rare earth metal, metalloids, and killed steel.
  • Metals and the Royal Society
    His chief area of research was the Fracture of wrought iron bar (a) natural size, (b) and (c) as appearing under a magnifying glass, (Reaumur, 1722), microscopical investigation of organic and inorganic structures, in particular in the field of biology, in which …
  • A History of Metallurgy 2nd Edition
    … the pyramid at Gizeh and has been dated to the third millennium BC.21 It is certainly not meteoric and consists of reduced pieces of iron oxide hammered together, without the usual tell- tale slag that is normally present in wrought iron .
  • The Prehistory of Metallurgy in the British Isles
    Wrought iron products .
    this time, wrought iron -- the type that can be rolled -- was used in a small way, structurally: .
  • Sir Henry Bessemer
    It made possible the production of homogeneous liquid metal with greater ductility than cast iron, with higher strength and toughness than wrought iron and in vastly greater quantities at much lower cost and in a fraction of the time required to make …
  • Henry Cort: The Great Finer
    Preface HENRYCORT'S processes for making wrought iron (with coal instead of charcoal as the fuel) and rolling to bar (instead of finishing with slow forge hammers) saved England from defeat by blockade in the Napoleonic wars-for in 1790 two-thirds of …
  • The Russian Iron Industry (Excluding Bridges) Up to About 1850
    Since at that time Britain, fast becoming the world’s workshop, had yet to become self-sufficient, we were still large importers of wrought iron and Russia succeeded .
  • Between archives and the site: the 19th-century iron and steel industry in the Monklands, Central Scotland
    With regard to the generation of malleable iron, Henry Cort had in 1784 obtained patents for the conversion of pig- to wrought iron .