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  • X-rays spot circuit-board flaws
    . Systems range from manual to fully automatic and various combinations in between. One challenge is selecting an optimum X-ray unit to match a specific process. Automated X-ray systems can work with equipment from a variety of vendors. The system produces a uniform means of monitoring critical
  • Selecting the Appropriate X-ray Fluorescence Instrument for High Reliability Electronic Components and WEEE/RoHS Screening
    it is nondestructive. Choices in X-ray fluorescence instruments require the user to select the most appropriate unit for their measurement task.
  • X-Cell - a novel and robust indexing program for medium- to high-quality powder diffraction data
    is a patent-pending, novel, robust, efficient, integrated, and easy-to-use indexing algorithm which uses an extinction-specific dichotomy procedure to perform an exhaustive search of parameter space to establish a complete list of all possible unit cell solutions. X-Cell provides the essential
  • MICRO:Product News
    layers to be characterized. Buried-layer metrology enables ultrathin interfacial layers to be resolved. Buried-metal voids, post-CMP dishing and oxide erosion, and solder bump composition can be examined. The x-ray unit can accommodate 150-, 200-, and 300-mm wafers with open-cassette and SMIF
  • Keeping Pesticides on Target
    Scanning electron micrograph of a chlorothalonil fungicide crystal. Magnified about 4000x. Application Technology Research Unit at Wooster, Ohio, focus their technology, it's delicate crystalline shapes of pesticides that come into view. A combination of high magnification, x-ray technology
  • Medical Device Link .
    torque to open push-and-twist and squeeze-and-twist caps, and quantify the ease of opening screw closures. , Horsham, W Sussex, UK. A transportable turnkey x-ray inspection system is fully self-contained, weighs less than 300 kg, and has a footprint of 0.7 x 1.1 m. The system, which comes
  • MICRO: Spotlight
    with contact-angle measurement to evaluate wafer surface conditions. Included is a high-resolution camera and magnifying lens with high-intensity LED lighting for precise image capture. (S.F., North Hall, Booth 5160) designs and manufactures x-ray-based tools for the semiconductor manufacturing industry
  • MICRO:Top 25 (November/December 2002)
    specifications. Because the unit can perform five analyses per hour, engineers can protect against upset conditions that would go undetected with ICP-MS or other batch analysis methods. X-ray diffraction tools for wafers measure epitaxial and nonepitaxial film thicknesses, compositions, and layer

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  • Landolt-Börnstein
    - - - - - - - the air at 0 ° C and 760 mms mercury pressure was related to cubic centimeter 1) first formulation of the international Röntgen (r) through the H. International congress for radiology in Stockholm 1928, see "Internationale roentgen unit ", radiotherapy 30 (1928 …
  • Conductive line for the setup and operation of Herzkatheterlaboren and hybrid operating rooms / Hybridlaboren
    So, become by a movable table, a roentgen unit with corresponding radiation protection devices and needs displays for the monitoring of vital parameters the possibility for display of two different pressure derivatives as well as an oxygen supply and an aspirating device.
  • Knowhow MTRA
    In these systems, the corresponding image computer is also located on the roentgen unit .
  • Vaulters compact dictionary medicine Concise Medical of Dictionary
    … the rodent m, rodent nt II adj I noun (Ulcus) roldenltilcide [rəυ¹dentizaid] adj: rodenticide roldolnallgia [rəυdɑn¹ ld iə] noun: (Mitchell-)Gerhardt-Syndrom nt, Erythromelalgie f, Erythralgie f of roentlgen [¹ rent ən]: I noun Röntgen nt, roentgen unit f II adj Röntgenroentlgenlkylmoglralphy …
  • Vaulters lexicon diagnosis & therapy
    Roentgen unit 6.
  • Urology
    A complete individual use of the roentgen unit , the sonography unit is at these machines as well as the shock wave unit with the therefor necessary treatment table possibly.
  • That urologische Dyna-CT
    Abdomen overview receivings and Ausscheidungsurogramme can be carried out like by stationary roentgen units and additionally completed by the building of roentgen sequences by means of rotation of the system.
  • Time optimizing Tes modern shocking room management under insert of digital techniques
    Dabeiwurde taken also the Handling on the part of the roentgen unit the account.