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    Embedded Programming Software - (62 companies)
    Embedded programming software is used to program special-purpose computer systems that are designed to perform one or several dedicated functions. In addition to a core operating system (OS), many embedded systems have upper-layer software...
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    Embedded Systems Software - (65 companies)
    Embedded systems software is designed to support a special-purpose computer system. It has a single dedicated function or a small number of dedicated functions, often with real-time performance constraints. Because embedded systems software...
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  • PC/104 Modules-Image
    PC/104 Modules - (130 companies)
    PC/104 modules are tied to the integrated system architecture (ISA) bus standard that is used mainly in embedded systems. Modules are 3.6 " x 3.8 " and can be self-stacked to save space. PC/104 modules are tied to the ISA-Bus standard that is mainly...
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    Computer-on-Module (COM) - (32 companies)
    Computer-on-Modules (COM) are highly integrated single-board computers built on a single circuit board. They are used in embedded applications. A computer-on-module (COM) is a subtype of an embedded system. These single-board computers fall between...
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  • Core Modules-Image
    Core Modules - (28 companies)
    Core modules are computer boards or integrated circuits that are populated with electronic components and used in embedded applications. Core modules are mounted on user-designed motherboards and other systems for quick integration in custom designs...
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    Panel Computers - (198 companies)
    Panel PCs are specialized computers that are designed for industrial applications. The personal computer or PC is embedded in a flange or panel, allowing operators to monitor or manage industrial processes. Flat panel PCs combine a liquid crystal...
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    VME, VPX, and VXI Controllers and Processors - (37 companies) Embedded controllers are packaged to fit in a VME, VPX, or VXI chassis, permitting access to system devices and resources without the need for an external command module. Real-time controllers are also embedded, but a use a real-time operating...
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    CompactPCI and PXI Products - (185 companies)
    CompactPCI and PXI products are a general search form that covers peripherals that use the CompactPCI (cPCI) and PXI bus standards. CompactPCI and PXI products include switches, extenders, controllers, processors and interface adapters. More detailed search forms are available for specific areas.
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    Board Mount Transformers - (139 companies)
    Board mount transformers are transformers designed to be embedded in or mounted on computer boards. The purpose of a transformer, in general, is to transfer power from one device or circuit to another. Normally this is done by means of a process...
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    System on a Chip (SoC) - (91 companies)
    System on a chip (SoC) devices are semiconductor chips with embedded components that make the chip a standalone system. System on a chip (SoC) devices are semiconductor chips with embedded components that enable the chip to function as standalone...
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  • Interacting with computers using images for search and automation
    …text, embedded text, and visual features) to baseline systems using only keyword, only embedded text, or only .... The evaluation used a set of 500 dialog box screenshots from a tutorial web- site for Windows XP (which was not part of the corpus used to create the database).
  • Upper tag ontology for integrating social tagging data
    …editor,edtech,educaciÃ3n,educacion,education,effects,el,elearning,e-learning,electronic, electronics,email, embedded ,employment,emulation,en … tool,tools,top,toread,Toronto,torrent,torrents,tour,tourism,toy,toys,trabajo,tracking,trading,traffic,trailer,train,training,translation,transport,transportation,travel, tree,trees,trends,tricks,trip,tuning, tutorial ,tutorials,tutorials,tv,twitter … XX,xbox,xhtml,xml, xp ,xslt,xxx YYahoo,yellow…
  • Sikuli: Using GUI screenshots for search and automation
    …the Sikuli Search prototype, which employs the three-feature indexing scheme (surrounding text, embedded text, and visual .... The evaluation used a set of 500 dialog box screenshots from a tutorial website for Windows XP 8 (which was not part of the corpus used to create the database).
  • mlpy: Machine Learning Python
    …and the bioinformatician more inclined to programming with a modular environment where to embed his favourite methods. .... 3 and it is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows ( Xp , Vista, 7) platforms .... Together with the library de- scription, a tutorial with several examples is provided as part of the…
  • Moodle 1.9 Multimedia
    Create video tutorials about playing a musical instrument or, for example, to teach a gestural language. .... is filmed during a class and then creates a web document where he embeds video clips and … is an easy-to-use, free video editing software that comes with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
  • Embedded software and hardware implementation system for a human machine interface based on ISOAgLib
    The ISOAgLib library-based embedded de- vices are implemented in a Linux and Windows op- erating system … versions of the ISOAgLib programming library have been developed, as well as some tutorials and examples that .... The previous ECUs tested in the Windows XP envi- ronment are shown in Fig. 5.
  • Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming
    …Agile development of open source software – Agile offshore and distributed development – Embedded software (e.g .... Many proposals were also submitted: 34 workshops, 35 tutorials , and 5 panels. .... careful, critical, and thoughtful reviews, and all others involved in helping to make XP 2007 a success.
  • Artificial Market Experiments with the U-Mart System
    • UMartSystem-Windows folder: The U-Mart system for Windoes2000/ XP . .... Settings Files · csv folder: Settings files · images folder: Image files · tutorial folder: Help and … folder: The source files (***.java) and class files (***.class) of the machine agents embedded in the U…
  • Can Design Example: Simple Sensor Node
    AN873: Using the MCP2515 CAN Developer’s Kit Serves as a three-part tutorial for the MCP2515/2510 developer’s … Host Controller Discusses the operation of the MCP215X Host UART interface, implements an embedded system (as an .... AN941: Programming Windows XP ®for Embedded IR Applications This application note details the tools, supporting technologies and…
  • A formal definition of the structural semantics of Domain-Specific Modeling languages
    …for domain specific modeling languages, Proceedings of the Sixth ACM International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT'06) (October .... [11] Sun XP , A Research of Visual Domain-Specific Meta-Modeling Language and Its Instantiation [Ph.D .... 2008, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [14] Christoph Weidenbach, SPASS: Tutorial , 2000. .