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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
10 answers
A affordable digital product would be nice if it was affordable, also one where I didn't have to use another control relay would also be nice.
~General Corporate Mgmt, Findlay, OH
Off-delay or on-delay with both timed and non-timed contacts with variable time adjustment.
~Neal B., Engineer, Houston, TX
Simple control, less expensive options, reliability, wide time range options.
~Wayne H, Builder/Contractor, Washington, DC
Short time rise. Multi ranges. Small size. Print card montage.
~Engineer, Atlacomulco, Mexico
Digital with easy delay change capability, vibration resistant
~Hal C, Owner of welding/ fab business, Houston, TX
More military grade selection / 400Hz AC operation
~Kurt M, Design Engineer, Acton, MA
Delay have function about process function in
~Engineering, Process/Production, ShenZhen, China
Simple and legible controls
~Jon R, Engineer, Clearwater, FL
As mentioned in point 5
~Sanjay A Adbol A, Manufacturer, Mumbai, India
Smaller Foot Print
~Bob H, Engineer, N Andover, MA

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