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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
7 answers
Lighter than the others on the market and with a smooth and curved design in PE (with it we have enough strength that the structure does not collapse during use and the advantage of a different and low cost product).
~Nuno Aguiar, Mechanical Engineer, Porto, Portugal
Collapsible utilizing minimum space for storage when not in actual use. Easy handling aids.
~V M, Consulting design engineer, Comimbatore, INDIA
That it would be constructed from non- ferrous to enhance scrap value for terminal disposal.
~Gerry Mc, Builder/Contractor, Gold Coast, Australia
Lighter and more powerful
~Marketing/Sales, Makassar, Indonesia
More standardization
~LEJEUNE K, Technical Support, Brussels, Belgium
Self unloading
~Paul K, Research & Development, Palm Coast, FL
Special design
~Rengasamy Indran, Engineering Consultant, Port klang, Malaysia


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