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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
10 answers
Temperature range -200°C + 250°C High Temp Matrix Li complex or better Low Viscosity with High Load capability Excellent Water Washout Excellent Corrosion Protection Long durability for longer re-lube periods
~Engineering, Consulting, Toulouse, France
I wish for an NLGI 2 that has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance but can still be pumped hundreds of feet in an automatic lube system.
~Steve M, Technical Support, Fort Worth, TX
Longer oil life and cost effective although the two are not always mentioned in the same sentence.
~Zaakier J, Technical Support, Cape Town, South Africa
Longer bearing life and long life lubes saving energy.
~Gary E, Engineer, Bunde, Netherlands
Ability to clean, treat and lubricate. All in One.
~Chin hoe Yap, General Management, Singapore, Singapore
More available data on additive reaction.
~Trevor R, Engineering Consultant, Durban, South Africa
Infra-Red or UV cured coating systems
~George B, President Technical Sales, Houston, TX
Oil which is perfect for gas engines
~Engineering Consultant, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Long life use & high performances
~Ruxa, Technical Support, Bucharest, Romania
Shear strength High flash point
~Marketing/Sales, Osborne Park, Australia

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