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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
11 answers
Variable wavelength Dual (ratio) low-temperature Multi-spectral Emissivity correcting
~John M, Marketing/Sales, Santa Cruz, CA
High temperature accuracy and precision, less than 0,01 degrees Celsius
~Engineer, Athens, Greece
Lower rated resistance for respective operating temperature range.
~Rutherford B, Engineer, New York, NY
Built-in: uC unit, user-recalibration, limit-values flags
~Dragomir Tch., Research & Development, Sofia, Bulgaria
Accuracy < 0.5 C, SPI port, Low power consumption.
~Salvador R, Design Engineer, Mexico, Mexico
Easy operation Lower prices Reliability
~Rodolfo Rodriguez, Almost Engenier. 3 years in Argentina and 3 year in Belgium, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Max pressure 5-600 Bar
~Ingemar Borg, Retaired 72 years, Sjaelevad, Sweden
Quikly and accuracy
~Baldomero Monzon, Research & Development, Guatemala, Guatemala
~Mohamad Aoun, BMS engineer, Jeddah, Lebanon
~Jude David F, Engineering Consultant, Dubai, UAE
~Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student, GIUSSANO, Italy


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