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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
11 answers
Multiple Programmable test sequences Ability to download test results (to std. MS Office would be a bonus!)
~Paul V, Engineering Business Manager, Perth, Australia
arc detect ad and dc and insulation resistance data base ethernet connection = one box
~ADRIEN B, Design Engineer, PALO ALTO, CA
Easy to use and program Higher degree of safety for operator and equipment under test
~Shrinivas Piddugu, Engineer, Pune, India
Ease of use, highly mobile, battery and main power input, auto voltage ramp up time.
~Jim G, Technical Support, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Leakage current, KV applied, time, Keep in memory, output to PC and software
~General Corporate Mgmt, Medellin, Colombia
Not overly complex to learn uses of machine
~Ken D, Tester , workshop - now retired ., Gloucester, UK
Total bluetooth interfaced. More Mobile.
~Engineering, Other, Middleburg, South Africa
Controlled and monitored by computer
~John C, Research & Development, Stilbaai, South Africa
Partial discharge free (<2 pC)
~Paul W, Engineer, Grantsville, MD
Better graphics
~Jose Luis Coca, Engineer, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Easy operation
~MingRun SONG, Facilities Manager, Wuhan, China,PRC


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