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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
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We must develop a new linear speaker for the frequency between 100 and 15000 or 18000 and a push pull driver for the low frequency. With the new magnet, the new flexible board, and the new computer possibility I think that it is possible to explore new ways.
~Pratali Alain, Engineering Consultant, Marseille, France
My 'wish list' is a full range dipole system in a room with fully adapted acoustics.
~Eddie V, Faculty/Staff, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Simple square design, strong mesh, ease of connection with standardized connectors.
~ROGER W, Design Engineer, ALFRETON, UK
Flat-wound multi-layer voice coils. High temperature formers.
~Bill M, Owner, Newton, MA
The product must be small in size and watts must be more.
~Santhosh B, Purchaser, Bengaluru, India
Terminals that work. Reasonable price for quality.
~Richard M, Engineer, Sarasota, FL
Flat frequency response in big events.
~Research & Development, Den Dungen, Netherlands
Electrostatic + audience + sub woofer
~James B, Research & Development, Oceanside, CA
High fidelity, durability.
~Facilities Manager, College Park, MD
Active baffle loudspeakers
~Jaromír Hodinka, Research & Development, Brno, Czech Republic
Light weight PA system
~Joe S, Design Engineer, Barrie, Canada
Bluetooth 3d dolby
~Robert S, Technical Support, Prague, Czech republic
~Research & Development, Nakornpathom, Thailand
~Other, Lafayette, CA

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