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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
9 answers
NDT figures being close to actual moisture % values rather than comparative ability to take resistance readings directly from any porous material such as stucco, concrete, brick and composite materials such as sheet fiber cement board.
~Paul Probett, Forensic Building Pathologist, Tauranga, New Zealand
Intrinsic Safety (IECex) Ability to measure up saturated state (100%RH) High Accuracy Good resolution Repeatability of results
~Engineering, Consulting, Corinda, Australia
1. include manual, conversion tables if available. 2. higher range of working temperature. 3. more sensitivity on detecting moisture.
~Engineering, Design, Quezon city, Philippines
Simplicity of use: Put it up to surface, it registers data
~Mike S, General Management, Boca raton, FL
Easier calibration procedures
~Ettore C., Marketing/Sales, Miami, FL
Compact and easy to use
~Rajeev G, Manufacturer, Delhi, India
Better sensitivity
~Engineering, Consulting, San Francisco, CA
Cost reductions
~Bjarne M, Process Engineer, Glostrup, Denmark
~Dan P, Marketing/Sales, Basking Ridge, NJ


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