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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this product?
11 answers
I never found high frequency transducers like in medical ultrasound devices (1 MHz and above) in separated stand alone design. Only sensor arrays are available. We have new ideas connected with such devices.
~Gabor K, Engineer, Budapest, Hungary
I want to use this ultrasonic transducer for building ultrasonic converters for use in ultrasonic metal welding machines.
~Sunil B, Research & Development, Nashik, India.
Programmable transmit & receive frequencies, programmable gain, multiple frequency capability, etc.
~Alick J, RF Engineer, Canton, OH
Ultrasonic transducer specifically designed for passing through concrete materials such as wood.
~Inna C, Student, Imus, Cavite, Philippines
Small, robust, weather proof and be unaffected by build up of dirt.
~John B, Engineer, Melbourne, Australia
Most important is quality of image.
~Ranbir Singh G, Consultant Cardiologist, Amritsar, India
Wide band of working frequencies
~Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student, Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Capacity, range and price
~Fernando Torres, Engineer, Bogota. D.C., Colombia
Code translation
~Brian C, Design Engineer, Sydney NSW, Australia
Food processing
~Engineering, Consulting, Campinas, Brazil
User friendly
~Stephen M, Design Engineer, San Antonio, TX


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