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What would your design or feature "wish list" be for this service's capabilities?
12 answers
1- Recirculation of air in HVAC system to save energy. 2- Modify boiler use FO fuel by combination FO fuel with water.
~Pham Van Thai, Design Engineer, Hcm, Vietnam
The retaining of community traditions in the advanced verses should be incorporated in the designs of the facilities.
~Shyam B, Engineer, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Less repeating in the news. Sometimes the same information is given several times.
~Viacheslav K, Student, Donetsk, Ukraine
The company should have good quality engineers and software back up.
~Kailash Kailash, Process Engineer, Hyderabad, INDIA
Rapid right first time design services on budget.
~Engineering, Design, Halifax, Great Britain
Easy access, simple and lots of information.
~Engineering Consultant, Newport Beach, CA
Access to special software applications.
~Luis Chaverri, Engineering Consultant, Moravia, Costa Rica
Attention to detail, Speed, Accuracy
~Jim M, SR.PCB Designer-Altium, Monroe, CT
Design of ammonia convertor.
~Monoj K, Process Engineer, Guna, India
In depth product knowledge
~Sethu R, Engineering Consultant, Birmingham, United Kingdom
My Client's benefits.
~Mr Dipak Desai, Engineering Consultant, Surat, India
Free energy
~Damir, Engineer, Almaty, ?????????


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