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What are some of the applications you have used air cylinders for?
44 answers
Pressing connectors in housings. Clamping connectors in insertion heads, Pass/ reject stations at vision systems. Lifting heavy guards on assembly machines, Lifting very heavy spools of metal into dereelers. Escapements from feed bowls into assembly equipment. Various grippers on robots. etc...
~Carl B, Engineer, Greensboro, NC
1. Operation of gate valves in baghouse 2. Automation processes in packaging industry 3. Maintenance of packing machines for the cement industry 4. Various replacement across all industries
~Nicolas Fleuriot, Technical Sales Representative, Durban, South Africa
Packaging machinery, Pick and place robots, case packers, case sealers, winding machines, pushers, wrappers, strappers, conveyors, upenders, turn-tables, presses, choppers, slitters......
~Engineering, Design, Gatineau, Canada
Robotics, Cutting Solid Rocket Propellant, Door Lifts, Furniture making machinery, Used in packaging equipment, Slicing Bacon in Meat processing factory, Pressing parts in a fixture.
~Terry K, President (Owner), Roanoke, VA
Converting tradition hand moulding to Pneumatic for reducing operator fatigue, Acceleration of productivity, material handling & movement as per sequence of operation.
~Narendra Jog, Engineer, Ahmedabad, India
To activate a gate stop on conveyors. Open and close doors on concrete batch plant equipment. Label applying equipment.
~Technical Support/Services, Lewisville, TX
I have worked with several OE's in the design and application of pneumatic cylinders in automotive, packaging, paper, semi-conductor, & machine tool industries.
~Mark R, Engineering Manager, Wadsworth, OH
Movement control for Jigs & Fixtures. Clamping the parts to do something, for example; clamping part for marking, drilling or assembling.
~Kreingsak P, Project Manager, Bangkok, Thailand
The HP Air Cylinders/Flasks that I worked on were installed in US Navy surface ships and submarines and MSC surface ships.
~Quality Control/Assurance, Hampton, VA
We used air cylinder from a variable speed drive to throw a three way valve to transfer liquid from one tank to another.
~Ray Watson, Maintenance foreman, Glassport, PA
Food and Packaging Industry - Case Packers, Palletizers, Fillers, Bag Sealers, Box Erectors and such.
~Raymond Baker, Applications Engineer, La Mirad, CA
Spray Boom Lift Mechanism. Lid Lifting Mechanism. Hopper Bottom Door Mechanism. Platform extension.
~Engineering, Design, Pittsburgh, PA
Impact tools, slide drivers, elevators, lifts, shuttles, pick and place mechanisms, stops.
~Design Engineer, Cincinnati, OH
Pneumatic cylinder for using clamping and de-clamping. CNC turning center for job clamping.
~Engineering, Design, Bangalore, India
Moving conveyance rolls into positions. Moving chemical hoppers into coating positions.
~Technical Support/Services, Rochester, NY
Various machinery in food processing/slaughtering equipment. Marine equipment, etc...
~General Management, Mosfellsbaer, Iceland
Opening/closing doors, clamping/unclamping, pushing/pulling material. Lifting.
~Technical Support/Services, York, PA
Food Machinery, Wood working machinery, Press feeders, Lifting equipment.
~Engineering, Design, Bristol, United Kingdom
Product loading and unloading Linear travel Horizontal travel
~Jamie S, Maintenance supervisor, Flagstaff, AZ
Swing chutes for mines, clamp cylinders for automotive etc etc.
~Piet F, Engineer, Kempton Park, South Africa
Lifting large frame, making clamping and hold down frames.
~Manufacturing, Kansas City, KS
Robotics, workholding, automated metal removal processes.
~Technical Support/Services, Bradley, IL
Pick and Place, Gates, plungers, seal bars, insert
~Juan H, Electrical Mechanical Tech II, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Test equipment Door activation Safety locks
~Technical Support, Burlington, Canada
Food Industry, Timber Production, Medical
~Andrew R, Engineering Consultant, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Halloween prop automation, press machines
~Technical Support/Services, Buena Park, CA
Pressing, Part Movement, Part Locating
~Engineering, Design, Portage, MI
Lift, Push and all types of automation.
~Hubert J, Product Manager, Wake Forest, NC
Clamping, slide guide, lifter, etc
~Maintenance/Facilities Management, Serang, Indonesia
Industrial automation of all kinds.
~Phil D, Account Manager, Eagan, MN
Clamping. Snow plowing, Lifting.
~Manufacturing, South Dayton, NY
Turbine governor valve actuation.
~Engineering, Consulting, Delhi, India
Automotive & Aircraft tooling
~Engineering, Consulting, London, Canada
Robotics and manufacturing.
~Engineering, Design, Salt Lake City, UT
Race car throttle enhancer.
~Joe Barush, Faculty/Staff, Kingston, PA
Handlers and press tools.
~Pen S, Design Engineer, NCR, Philippines
Scuba diving cylinders.
~Other, Chennai, India
For production lines.
~Petr Muzik, Design Engineer, Brno, Czech Republic
Gates, Valves etc...
~Engineering, Design, Kolkata, India
Packaging machines.
~Chexbres, Switzerland
Air engine
~Marketing/Sales, Settimo Milanese, Italy
~Production Engineer, Fowlerville, MI
~Engineer, St jean sur richelieu, Canada
~Project Management, Auckland, New Zealand

Please share with us any “non-standard” applications that air cylinders have been used for.
11 answers
Used Position Sensor BIMBA Position Feed Back cylinder on Mining equipment steering unit to give accurate position of the Hydraulic Steering Cylinders. Rodless Cylinders used in Pocket Doors of Entertainer Tour Bus interior Doors.
~Terry K, President (Owner), Roanoke, VA
The 20 bore 400 stroke cylinder makes a nice meat marinator after some small mods with a big needle on the front.
~Piet F, Engineer, Kempton Park, South Africa
I don't think air springs are "non-standard," but I've used a lot of single action cylinders for springs. Most other applications have been done many times before.
~Carl B, Engineer, Greensboro, NC
Air springs/shock absorption. Stacked cylinders to provide a selection of stroke - end points.
~Design Engineer, Cincinnati, OH
On loader elevator platform working element (with vertical stroke indexing).
~Pen S, Design Engineer, NCR, Philippines
Counter balance application. Air bumper similar to hyd. shock.
~Hubert J, Product Manager, Wake Forest, NC
Clamping systems, pneumatic presses, high pressure application.
~Chexbres, Switzerland
Creating vacuum and pressure, as a single-stroke pump
~Production Engineer, Fowlerville, MI
Pneumatic springs and counter balance applications.
~Mark R, Engineering Manager, Wadsworth, OH
Race car shifters
~Joe Barush, Faculty/Staff, Kingston, PA
Stepping Moving
~Kreingsak P, Project Manager, Bangkok, Thailand

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to the incorrect usage of air cylinders?
9 answers
I have seen a small cylinder with a "finger" on its rod end used as a "stop" on a track that was loaded by a powerful linear ball screw housing feed. When things got out of sync, the cylinder had a right angle rod and didn't move any more. More dumb than disastrous.
~Carl B, Engineer, Greensboro, NC
Pneumatic seal systems are not designed to be used hydraulically. There is a reason why hydraulic cylinders are much more expensive then pneumatic cylinders.
~Mark R, Engineering Manager, Wadsworth, OH
Yes. People have lost hands and fingers operating presses without the proper Anti- Tie Down circuit.
~Terry K, President (Owner), Roanoke, VA
Machine starts movement after reset, but some cylinders out of secure position collided.
~Juan H, Electrical Mechanical Tech II, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Side loads can damage a cylinder. Requirement for stop tubing if required.
~Hubert J, Product Manager, Wake Forest, NC
No - You can use much more air than what is needed if the cylinder is oversized.
~Raymond Baker, Applications Engineer, La Mirad, CA
No, but mistakes are made when specifying Rodless cylinders.
~Andrew R, Engineering Consultant, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Underestimate the strength of cylinder and try to stop it.
~Piet F, Engineer, Kempton Park, South Africa
Didn't match stroke to lbs psi.
~Ray Watson, Maintenance foreman, Glassport, PA

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