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What are some of the applications you have used crystals for?
18 answers
Starting from telecommunication such as Mobile Phone, Wlan, wi Max, dect , Data trunking systems, Tetra, PMR, ISM applications, pace maker and many more.
~Joerg K., Technical Manager, Essen, Germany
Solar cells, cell phone electronics, night vision devices, X-ray imaging, medical X-ray imaging, nuclear medicine, high energy physics.
~Bill H., Senior Scientist, Boston, MA
Local reference oscillator for network timing interfaces. CPU reference clock. High speed SERDES reference clock.
~Bob R, Supply Chain Management - Tech Advisor, Dallas, TX
Oscillator for measuring deposition thickness of thin film.
~Faculty/Staff, Provo, UT
GPS Base Stations Military Radar and IED detector.
~Hank R, Design Engineer, Ronkonkoma, NY
Telecommunications, Military applications,
~Marketing/Sales, Litchfield Park, AZ
Oscillator application, MCU clock, etc...
~Shanlong Z, Engineer, Guangzhou, China
Building amateur transceivers.
~Jay F, Faculty/Staff, Rochester, NY
Oscillator frequency control.
~Engineering, Design, Goderich, Canada
Timing circuits, RF circuits
~Other, Ottawa, Canada
All possible applications
~Ludmila H, Sales engineer, Stockholm, Sweden
Deep sea ROV electronics
~Engineer, Davis, CA
All type of oscillators.
~Juerg K, Manufacturer, Grenchen, Switzerland
Filters Radio channel
~Other, Kangaroo Flat, Australia
Gps disciplinec ocxo
~Engineering, Other, Budapest, Hungary
Microphone elements
~Manufacturing, Ellenboro, NC
~Geoff L, Design Engineer, Mechanicsburg, PA
Electronic Filters
~Engineering, Design, Kansas City, MO

Please share with us any “non-standard” applications that crystals have been used for.
6 answers
Non standard application are Crystals for Oil drill equipment; high shock device for military application, extreme temperature range device for sensor application up to 250°C
~Joerg K., Technical Manager, Essen, Germany
Monitoring thin film deposition thickness by exposing crystal to deposition.
~Faculty/Staff, Provo, UT
Smart Cards, Medical implantable devices, Drilling for Oil.
~Juerg K, Manufacturer, Grenchen, Switzerland
M1 Abrams upgrade F35 Joint Strike Fighter
~Hank R, Design Engineer, Ronkonkoma, NY
It is difficult to say what is a standard and non standard application. Crystals are today used within almost every area.
~Ludmila H, Sales engineer, Stockholm, Sweden
MCXO Nucleur Hardened.
~Geoff L, Design Engineer, Mechanicsburg, PA

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to the incorrect usage of crystals?
3 answers
Worst case - oscillation can stop and if this is major clock frequency for PC what ever a complete system can fail. Can not remember which time, but for satellite this happened in the past and this of course is a disaster. Also if base stations may fail due to such a problem, many people are affected.
~Joerg K., Technical Manager, Essen, Germany
Wrong load capacitance resulted in too small pulling for set frequency.
~Geoff L, Design Engineer, Mechanicsburg, PA
Too little oscillator allowance.
~Juerg K, Manufacturer, Grenchen, Switzerland

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