Engineering360 has asked its users about the latest design trends and features related to Laminators and Laminating Machines. They have also shared their product applications and tips on how to buy and use these products.
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What new technologies are influencing laminating machine design?
13 answers
Vision Alignment/Registration and Robotic Handling Integration are key drivers for large format sheet to sheet lamination applications.
~Engineering, Process/Production, Methuen, MA
Synchronizations of Servo Systems along with vision sensors.
~Shiv Dixit, Technical Support, Ghaziabad, India
The developments in adhesives are influencing the lamination process change.
~Marketing/Sales, Karachi, Pakistan
The materials are getting thinner, substrate handling is getting more difficult.
~Peter B, Process Engineer, TABY, Sweden
Need for speed. Digital output. Footprint size. Multiple use of films on same machine.
~Derek W, Company Director, Auckland, New Zealand
I am mainly working on approaches to improve energy efficiency by as much as 90-95% and also reducing time cycles.
~Dilip S, Consultant, Designer, Mountain View, CA
I'm limited to the use of a single kind of machine, but the biggest issues new technologies could help solve for my application are: adhesion to difficult to laminate surfaces(We use printers that require fuser oil to print) and development of materials or machines that reduce or eliminate the production of static.
~Jane P, Print Shop Supervisor, Victoria, Canada
Generally speaking, short time tact to laminate is most important issue.
~Design Engineer, Brussels, Belgium
New technologies include: military camouflage, ballistic materials.
~Marketing/Sales, Peterborough, NH
Large scale manufacturing on plastic foils.
~Research & Development, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Enhanced adhesives and films.
~Research & Development, Istanbul, Turkey
Constant pressure + IR
~Engineering, Design, Montrouge, France
Speed and saving
~Marketing/Sales, Chennai, India

From your perspective, which companies are creating the most innovative laminating machines?
8 answers
Pyradia,Inc., Adept converting Equipment, Inc.
~Marketing/Sales, Peterborough, NH
I have only worked with GBC machines. In my experience, they have been incredibly reliable with minimal maintenance.
~Jane P, Print Shop Supervisor, Victoria, Canada
Sukant Laminators brand by Sukant Electronics Pvt. Ltd. from India has range of laminating machines for various type of lamination.
~Gautam Mehta, Engineer, Mumbai 400079, India
Those companies providing solutions for Solar and LCD lamination applications. Asian OEMs appear to be the innovators in these markets.
~Engineering, Process/Production, Methuen, MA
Most are concentrating on controls and other design aspects, but no one on energy saving opportunities.
~Dilip S, Consultant, Designer, Mountain View, CA
Machine builders with a history & background of service & contract laminating facilities.
~Derek W, Company Director, Auckland, New Zealand
Waleedenterprises in pakistan
~Mahmood Hussain, Manufacturer, Lahore, Pakistan
~Marketing/Sales, Karachi, Pakistan

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