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Do you have any advice for people relative to buying or using industrial enclosures?
19 answers
Need to check the specification carefully before selection. In my case, I needed explosion proof and i bought explosion proof, but i was surprised with a situation that cast iron explosive box eat all magnetic energy and i have to buy another time the fiber optic explosion proof box to save magnetic energy. Avoid double cost...
~Azfar S, Product Specialist, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Think about the hinging and latching as part of the door design. It's much easier to change sheet metal than industrial hardware. This keeps the costs lower.
~Carl C, Marketing/Sales, Minneapolis, MN
If your equipment will be exposed to weather during transport or shipped overseas, it may require a highly IP rating than is need at its installation site.
~Del S, Engineer, Mount Vernon, OH
Do your homework as there are multiple vendors out there but many may not be flexible to changes in their standard products.
~Kevin F, Design Engineer, Aiken, SC
Be sure to understand and ask your field engineers and people on the shop floor for the best choice of enclosures.
~Clark D, Engineering Consultant, Koloa, HI
Check the Project requirements carefully, select the products which meet these requirements. Then compare prices.
~Syed J, Engineer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Use good mechanical engineers, whether specifying, designing, or purchasing.
~Dave N, Engineer, Santa Maria, CA
Utilize the available resources like Globalspec to research what's available.
~Ben E, Design Engineer, Austin, TX
Verify the environment the enclosure is going in, does it need a heater.
~Mark M, Design Engineer, New London, WI
When you put holes in it, make sure they're the right size and location.
~C T, Engineer, Cleveland, OH
Ask for a list of clients who use the equipment for similar projects.
~Adge S, Builder/Contractor, L'ca, Cyprus
~Reynaldo Martins, Project Manager, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Look at the life, quality, safety and easy installation.
~Ashok Menghani, Marketing/Sales, Delhi, India
Carefully consider real world usage of the enclosure.
~Duane V, Engineer, Bellmore, NY
Be very thorough when going over your specifications.
~General Management, Vegreville, Canada
Quality shall be given most importance.
~Sukumaran M, General Management, Bangalore, India
Safety should be the primary concern.
~Yonas B, Engineer, Addis Aababa, Ethiopia
Layout the internals before ordering.
~Project Manager, North Canton, OH
Buy durable, with factory finish
~Glen M, Engineer, Greensboro, NC


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