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Do you have any advice for people relative to buying or using a hydraulic pump?
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As an end user, do not skimp on quality. The biggest mistake I have seen in over thirty years of being involved in the industry is seeing users look at short term price (opting for cheap inefficient pumps and other system components) instead of long term gain. This happens over and over again with many hydraulic design engineers and component distributors perpetuating this problem by promoting the cheaper alternatives to "get the contract" vs designing a system that will last. This is a vicious circle that has been going on for decades. It wastes power and eventually cost the end user more money in the long term due to higher energy costs and higher replacement component costs. I have seen a slight change away from this with the current energy savings push but we still need to re-educate industry.
~Rod R, Design Engineer, Victoria, Canada, B. C.
Ensure that when installed the system and pipework allow for the recommended maintenance envelope, that there are sufficient isolating valves and self sealing coupling to allow for flushing and filtering of the system without having to "break" the pipework.
~Engineering Manager, Barrow-in-furness, UK
In new start ups, make sure the piping in the system is clean. More equipment is damaged at start up by dirt in hose and piping than any system or equipment abuse.
~Lyle S, Marketing/Sales, Houston, TX
Ensure you are well aware of the limitations and that you will lose HP when using hydraulic drive systems compared to standard drive pumps.
~Gary W, Business Development Manager, Houston, TX
1- please know how big your system is before you decide to choose the pump to buy. ie max. flow demand needed for your system to operate.
~Anthony R, Maintenence manager, Bogor, Indonesia
Think twice or thousand times... for selecting appropriate Company that selling this product ... quality first not a cheaper prices.
~Joel Carrosino, OSM Supervisor, Dammam, KSA
Choose the pump to minimize your installation effort ..minding to keep a top brand pumps adequate to the machinery need.
~Scott H, Project Manager, Kelso, WA
Make sure your specifications are precise. Factory test the equipment extensively before installing or selling on.
~Anthony S, Technical Support, Middleburg Heights, OH
We have had great success with buying used pumps and power pacs and were able to save over half on most purchases.
~Builder/Contractor, Newport, KY
Always ask supplier about the type of application, FLOW RATE, and type of load before buying the pump.
~Sarvjot singh Singh, Production Engineer, Una, India
Whenever you buy a hydraulic pump make sure of the output pressure and flow rate.
~Vara Prasad, Engineer, Kakinada, India
Check out the specs for your use. MAKE SURE IT'S NOT A FLY BY NIGHT COMPANY.
Be sure to get all the specs when sizing or determining what to purchase.
~Technical Support, Savage, MN
Piston pumps are most expensive pumps, but most efficient in working.
~Jim Y, General Management, Shanghai, China
Provide Details, Thread sizes, Working pressure, Model numbers.
~James D, Marketing/Sales, New Bedford, MA
Be sure to adapt/match the pump to the expected output (load).
~Steve M., Retired high school shop teacher/electrician, Snow Hill, NC
Consider performance duties for the very purpose of its use.
~Hari C, Engineering Consultant, Mumbai, India
~Mike H, Design Engineer, Maranello, Italy
Find a reliable supplier. Know what you want and its use.
~Boyd M, Lab Test Supervisor, Winnipeg, Canada
Check, pressure, flow and efficiency characteristics.
~Bill D, CFPS, North Bay, Canada
Control the intake to produce a strong out take.
~Ray G, Builder/Contractor, Harlingen, TX
Do some homework as to what your needs are.
~James E, Tinker, Lake station, IN
~ED RYAN, Design Engineer, ORANGE, CA
Prefer gear pump
~Builder/Contractor, Tawau, Malaysia
Shop around
~Jonathan P, Millwright, Grimshaw, Canada
Buy quality
~Andy A, Technical Support, Coushatta, LA
~Maintenance/Facilities Management, Myrtle Beach, SC

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