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What are some of the projects you have used CAD Services for?
35 answers
Produce drawing for regenerative flywheel braking system, produce Model Swamp Vehicle, produce Old Timer Toy Car.
~Manufacturing, Selangor, Malaysia
US Army corps of engineering Afghanistan Engineering District (AED) construction projects
~Architect/Builder/Contractor, Kabul, Afghanistan
Designing agricultural machinery maize planters, roller seeders, post drivers, and so on.
~Engineering, Process/Production, Hamilton, New Zealand
Automobile component design, Mould design, Machine design, Electronics PCB design.
~Ramanand kini K, Engineering Consultant, Bangalore, India
Separator skids, manifold skids, FWKO skids, oil & Gas tanks and pressure vessels.
~Manufacturing, Rusayl, Oman
I own/operate a CAD service company as well as manufacturing / fabrication companies that all use CAD; typically in-house.
~Richard A, Design Engineer, Denver, CO
I tried for my own residential building, but due to lack of expertise, I could not develop my drawing.
~Mir Khan, Market Research, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Product design, equipment design, drawing conversion, tooling design
~Chihuahua, Mexico
Consumer Products Design, Sheet-Metal Products Design, Cad-Training
~Oladapo O, Design Engineer, Lagos, Nigeria
Custom automation design, fixture design and documentation.
~Jim T, Design Engineer, Poughkeepsie, NY
College assignments in drawing components and their views.
~Engineering, Other, Mombasa, Kenya
Residential, commercial building and high rise building.
~Edward D, Cad designer, Angeles city, Philippines
Architectural, machinery, landscape, 3d walkthroughs.
~Felix M., Design Engineer, Immokalee, FL
Design of Gas Gathering Systems and Pipe Line Designs.
~Engineering, Process/Production, Monclova, Mexico
Manufacturing, Sprinklers, and housing markets.
~Brian B, Design Engineer, Valparaiso, IN
I have used CAD services for student projects.
~Engineering, Design, TORONTO, Canada
Electrical and instrumentation plant designs.
~Barney H, Engineer, Sunninghill, South Africa
Cars hooks design and test with CAD&MEF
~Engineering, Process/Production, MADRID, Spain
I worked on the Infrastructure Project.
~Abhijit Rane, Technical Support, MUmbai, India
Model aircraft designs, quick sketches.
~John B., Self used CAD, St. Paul, MN
Existing and proposed site layouts.
~Project Management, Perth, Australia
PCB production, network cabling.
~Maintenance/Facilities Management, Skopje, Macedonia
3D modeling of whole products.
~Research & Development, Louisville, KY
Heavy industry, bulk handling.
~Xavier D, Project Manager, Valenciennes, France
Steel building construction.
~Angelos I, Production Engineer, Nafplio, Greece
Airplane development design.
~Engineering, Design, Nagoya, Japan
Residential and Commercial.
~Engineering, Consulting, Port-spain, Argentina
River bed survey drawings.
~Prithvi Jayasurya, Hydrogeologist/ geologicalengineer, Bangalore, India
Building & road design.
~Engineering, Consulting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mapping, Engineering.
~Engineering, Design, Edmonton International Airport, Canada
Oil processing units
~Technical Support/Services, Muncie, IN
Corrugator industry.
~Engineering, Design, Lima, Peru
Subdivision design.
~Rick M, Civil Designer, Cairns, Australia
Marine Refit
~Engineering, Design, Auckland, New Zealand
~Engineering, Consulting, Bialystok, Poland

Please share with us any “non-standard” projects that CAD Services have been used for.
8 answers
Wiring in informal sectors
~Engineering, Other, Mombasa, Kenya
Creation of plastic bottles
~Brian B, Design Engineer, Valparaiso, IN
Knowledge based engineering.
~Xavier D, Project Manager, Valenciennes, France
What project can be labeled "Standard?" A "Standard" project, to me, is one that we have already done and requires little more effort than measuring the model and sending suppliers step - .pdf or 2d drawing files for production / coordination.
~Richard A, Design Engineer, Denver, CO
I'm able to share pictures- I think it would be hard to describe the bending that used to obtain the picture.
~John B., Self used CAD, St. Paul, MN
I don't see any nonstandard service in Auto cad 2009.
~Architect/Builder/Contractor, Kabul, Afghanistan
Tables creation & data entry.
~Ramanand kini K, Engineering Consultant, Bangalore, India
Banners and signage
~Project Management, Perth, Australia

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to faulty or incompetent practices of CAD Services?
5 answers
20 hrs of lost data from broken links- Turbo Cad Mac-
~John B., Self used CAD, St. Paul, MN
This is typically reserved to situations in older 2D formats or enterprise software networking.
~Richard A, Design Engineer, Denver, CO
On a human level, no. On a financial level, yes.
~Jim T, Design Engineer, Poughkeepsie, NY
Yes, I damaged a drawing, I was trying to edit.
~Mir Khan, Market Research, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
I had this disastrous experience with a Design Office.
~Xavier D, Project Manager, Valenciennes, France


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