Engineering360 has asked its users about the latest design trends and features related to Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials. They have also shared their product applications and tips on how to buy and use these products.
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What are some of the applications you have used soundproofing and acoustic materials for?
48 answers
Engine noise deadening and general auto sound control, Studio soundproofing and acoustic adjustment, re-attachment and cleaning of sound absorbing panels on the IMAX cinema unit at the Science Museum, London, England.
~Phil W, Industrial Access: Rapelling/Abseiling/ Difficult Access, Liverpool/London, UK
Making one commercial volume into two, building inhabited wood structures, specially floors between apartments or living spaces, improving acoustics in workshops
~Eric C, Master-carpenter Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland
Fans, ducts, rooves, walls, engine bays, pipes, silos, pumps, valves, wind tunnel, spray booth, office spaces, sports halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools
~Research & Development, Christchurch, New Zealand
Airborne noise reduction in ventilation ducts and at airports as well as room-to-room noise transmission reduction to achieve specified STC.
~Ron D, Technical Support, Doha, Qatar
Recording Studios, Concert Halls, Public Buildings, Private Buildings, damping machine noise, tuning acoustic transducers, etc.
~Harry W, Project Manager, Melbourne, Australia
For sound proofing of Aero-engine test facilities(i.e. sound proof doors,wall paneling,intake and exhaust splitters).
~Engineering, Design, Bangalore, India
Traffic noise abatement in outdoor areas soundproofing between residential floor levels equipment noise abatement
~Builder/Contractor, Santa Monica, CA
Condominiums, corporate offices, executive conference rooms, religious spaces, medical offices and treatment rooms
~John M, Design Engineer, Brighton, MI
Suggest use of Accouticbloc to be retrofitted in music practice rooms and music recording studios.
~David W, Production Manager & Technical director, Cairo, Egypt
Courtrooms, entertainment complex, music stadium, power stations, hospitals, marine vessels
~Dennis G, Project Manager, WALVIS BAY, NAMIBIA
HVAC noise, classroom noise suppression, jet engine noise, hearing protection
~Engineering, Other, Albuquerque, NM
Recording studio design & supervised construction as an acoustic consultant.
~Bill Wilson, Retired acoustic consltant for professional recording studios., Leesburg, U.S.
Recording studios, Churches, radio and TV broad casting studios.
~Nalaka Wimalasuriya, Engineer, Colombo, Sri lanka
Separation Walls, boundary walls, cinemas walls and ceilings etc.
~Nick S, Builder/Contractor, Melbourne, Austrealia
Duct Lining, Sound Studio Soundproofing and interior treatment
~Dan C, Faculty/Staff, Portland, OR
HVAC products like AHU, FAHU, FCU Chillers, cooling tower.etc
~Kadar Meerahussain, Design Engineer, Dubai, UAE
In a Recording Studio, as barriers in an Office environment.
~Reinhard R, Consultant, Slacks Creek, Australia
Diesel Generator sound proofing. Machine room sound proofing.
~Ravi P, Project Manager, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Manufactured Windows with various STC and OITC Ratings.
~Marketing/Sales, Rutherford, NJ
Automotive, appliance, and architectural applications
~Tom B, Product Manager, Chapel Hill, NC
Damping engine noise in vehicle and in fixed gensets.
~Engineering Consultant, Iligan, Philippines
Treating large and small rooms for voice applications.
~Jim P, Design Engineer, New Brighton, PA
Small studio. Researching for church acoustics.
~Engineering, Faculty/Staff/Student, Newport news, VA
HVAC installations and Plumbing Installations
~Other, Bronx, NY
Equipment frames (many), room soundproofing
~Engineering, Design, Garland, TX
Isolating noise from a diesel generator
~Engineering, Consulting, Barcelona, Spain
Voice over room, specific audio traps
~Electronic maintenance and operation in a large vevue, Montreal, Canada
I automotive noise reduction, PRV
~Manufacturing, WESTMINSTER, MA
Headliners and parcel shelves
~Gulter K, Project Manager, Bursa, Turkey
Sensors and communications
~Engineering, Design, Guim, Portugal
Research, home renovating
~Marc Z, Teacher, Brisbane, Australia
For aircraft maintenance
~Marketing/Sales, Klang, Malaysia
Ceiling tile insulation
~Purchasing, Winnipeg, Canada
Sound recording studio
~Technical Support/Services, Mumbai, India
Automotive insulation
~Project Management, Palmela, Portugal
Bedroom wall and door
~Architect/Builder/Contractor, Regina, Canada
Compressors & Blowers
~Engineering, Process/Production, Gurun, Malaysia
Church Acoustics
~Engineering, Consulting, Meridian, MS
Sound proofing
~Marketing/Sales, Istanbul, Turkey
False ceilings
~Engineering, Other, Leeds, Great Britain
Machine design
~Noise and Vibration Specialist, Örebro, Sweden
Thermal block
~Engineering, Consulting, Klang, Malaysia
HVAC service
~Engineering, Other, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Studio build
~Quality Control/Assurance, BAIA MARE, Romania
~Research & Development, Singapore, Singapore
~Engineering, Design, Hermosillo, Mexico
~Purchasing, Singapore, Singapore
~Tim G, Design Engineer, Holyoke, MA

Please share with us any “non-standard” applications that soundproofing and acoustic materials have been used for.
13 answers
I've layered low temp acoustic foams into 'fiberglass' sandwiches and then made that into fireproof jackets with fire-blanket and stainless thread. The results were good. I also used nano beads to form a thick polyuratheane sound soaking skin on some hand held power tools for use outdoors in a residential area. Not bad. But then upped the effect with sound deadening jackets over the cutting disks. Helped contain the dust prior to extraction too. Not perfect, but significant reduction achieved to appease disgruntled tenants.
~Phil W, Industrial Access: Rapelling/Abseiling/ Difficult Access, Liverpool/London, UK
An architect we built a school for paid very much attention to the acoustics not only of the classrooms (standard), but also to the teachers' relaxing room. Walls were covered with a decorative structured, porous MDF sheet. In another case, a school too, the classroom's acoustic ceiling had a double use: it formed the "lost" concrete floor support of the above floor. Standard today, but interesting, is "replacing" missing humans' clothes in large public volumes like concert halls or theaters.
~Eric C, Master-carpenter Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland
Velvet drapes to prevent concrete bouncing in live stadium application, cardboard triangle to prevent direct rebound.
~Electronic maintenance and operation in a large vevue, Montreal, Canada
Haven't come across any (possibly information about venue design for large theatres).
~Marc Z, Teacher, Brisbane, Australia
Glass wool+ sponge barrier in front gen set radiator
~Ravi P, Project Manager, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Sound attenuating road noise with exterior barrier
~Dan C, Faculty/Staff, Portland, OR
Machine housings and fences.
~Reinhard R, Consultant, Slacks Creek, Australia
Automotive dampening
~Engineering, Design, Hermosillo, Mexico
Honeycomb technology
~Gulter K, Project Manager, Bursa, Turkey
Thermal insulation
~Engineering, Consulting, Klang, Malaysia
Medical equipment
~Tom B, Product Manager, Chapel Hill, NC
Home cinemas
~Tim G, Design Engineer, Holyoke, MA
~Noise and Vibration Specialist, Örebro, Sweden

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to the incorrect usage of soundproofing and acoustic materials?
8 answers
Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Concert Hall, and many other municipal acoustic spaces suffer from design jitters - too many inputs at once, unclear specifications, a mis-communication of the consequences of sticking to a rigid brief without considering other possible uses of a major building. All this adds up to Hundreds of millions of wasted dollars and years of frustratingly below par performances.
~Harry W, Project Manager, Melbourne, Australia
Heavy acoustic foam pads on the Imax at the Science Museum. They peeled off as the glue dried out, and many of the retaining studs (spot welded to the underside of the steel floor/roof deck) failed and were pulled off sill embedded in the foam. The foam didn't impress me much either, drying out and cracking in the hot dry dusty spaces behind and above lighting racks and suspended walk ways.
~Phil W, Industrial Access: Rapelling/Abseiling/ Difficult Access, Liverpool/London, UK
Unplanned holes of different kinds, incompetent mounting personal, building on a 1:1 scale an "original" structure/mixture no one has tested before. Poor analysis of the problem's specificities (noise's specific frequency, intensity, goals to achieve).
~Eric C, Master-carpenter Teacher, Geneva, Switzerland
Ford auditorium In Detroit Michigan will be torn down due to its poor acoustical characteristics and at taxpayers' expense. This could have been avoided with better analysis and planning.
~John M, Design Engineer, Brighton, MI
The materials used were not fire retardant and created a major fire hazard.
~Reinhard R, Consultant, Slacks Creek, Australia
Mainly badly spent money and loss of reputation, no more than that.
~Electronic maintenance and operation in a large vevue, Montreal, Canada
Attenuators that are too large to fit in the space available.
~Ron D, Technical Support, Doha, Qatar
Ignoring a possible water leak
~Technical Support/Services, Mumbai, India

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