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Do you have any advice for people relative to buying or using ball bearings?
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Yes! The people who are purchasing a ball bearing would like to know more about Abec; and have more knowledge about bearings technology!
~Luiz de Oliveira Hirth H, Meteorologist/ Mechanic, São Paulo SP, Brazil
Don't use sealed bearings when can use oil in lubrication or if only sealed bearing is available, remove seals, last much longer.
~Veli K, Technical Support, Helsinki, Finland
Be aware of sealed versus shielded bearings and the effect of viscous friction!
~Mike B, Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA
Choose brands that have good reputation but be open to try the new ones.
~Ricardo O, Design Engineer, Munoz Science City, Philippines
Stick to what you were told to use. Stick to what has worked before.
~Jennie F, Design Engineer, Windsor, Canada
Stay away from no-name brand bearings if you expect them to last.
~Engineer, Omaha, NE
Make sure the bearings are properly rated for the application.
~Paul K, Engineering Consultant, Schaumburg, IL
Certainly get the best quality bearings you can find.
~William Y, Educator in a Tech school- secondary, Schnecksville, PA
Get good bearing cross reference material.
~David B, Maintenance, Baltimore, MD
Only on quality of manufacturing standards
~Seenivasan V, Engineering Consultant, Chennai, INDIA
Pay attention to vibration frequencies
~Ralph C, Sr. Compliance Engineer, Agoura Hills, CA
Please, check the quality and maker
~Wilson E, Production Engineer, Quito, Ecuador
Don`t buy bearings made in China
~Facilities Manager, Niverville, Canada
Yes, they should call me
~Leonardo M, General Management, Madrid, Spain
Quality and price
~Jian Peng, Marketing/Sales, Cixi, Ningbo, China
Shop around.
~Troy J, Manufacturer, Burbank, CA

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