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Do you have any advice for people relative to buying or using a hydraulic motor?
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1) After doing the selection of torque/ pressure / displacement of the motor, please retrospectively check whether the working speed is in normal. 2) When the working speed reaches above 80% of rated speed, a motor case flashing circuit should be considered in most applications. 3) The static internal leakage should be considered as the most important safety issue in hoisting applications, thus, the adequate and continuous back pressure should be built in main return line.

~Colin G, Design Engineer, Shanghai, P.R.China

Most people have no idea what and how to use a hydraulic motor. Does any other motor supply full torque at stall with no adverse affects?  Can you instantly stop and/or reverse direction at full torque? Does size matter?  If so, the size to weight ratio can not be beat. Note: that if you increase the torque by going to a larger motor you will decrease the speed.

~Mike L, Manufacturer, Mississauga, Can

Hydraulic theory applied with a knowledge of component operation is a lost art in the distribution industry, replaced now by a mentality of part numbers only with no idea of what they represent. Get educated.

~Robert J, Valuable, Untitleable, Houston, TX

Be careful of overall power ratings.  Corner horsepower is not necessarily the power level that can be maintained on a continuous basis.

~John S, Tech support engineer, Sherwood Park, Canada

For spindle drive application, make sure that there is enough inertia to avoid stalling of the motor.  If required, use a fly-wheel.

~Alfred G, Design Engineer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Go for standard, reliable makes with service centres available locally with trained technicians.

~Phaniraj K, General Management, Secunderabad, India

Try to find and get the best information concerning the application, before buying any type of motors.

~Claude L, General Management, Montreal, Canada

Be careful before choosing a motor only because it's cheap-  very often you can save money when you spend a bit more at the beginning.

~Maurizio A, Marketing/Sales, Parma, Italy
Before anything else ! Investigate and try one application where nothing else seems to apply. Where space limitations are high.
~Leo B, Design Engineer, Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada

Before buying, arrive to correct torque and speed requirements and keep some cushion and select the motor frame size.

~Adi S, Engineer, India

Yes, of course. For customers - to buy good, reputable companies that guarantee the quality of their products.

~Oleg V, Engineering Consultant, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

Create the math model of the load and select the most efficient motor for this application.

~Nahum Goldenberg N, Engineering Consultant, Kiriyat-Ono, Israel

Get one that has a long trouble free life span and never over load or over heat them.

~Lloyd H, Technical Support, Moore, OK
Buy a good brand, check the psi and operating pressure and the speed required.
~Cyril L, Manufacturer, Sligo, Ireland
Make sure they have the hp to run it at as well as rpm needed to meet the pump.
~Eugene T, Manufacturer, Victoria B.C., Canada
Ensure best practice for contamination control when servicing or repairing.
~Norm E, Automotive Technical Trainer, Mount Evelyn, Australia
Ensure your cooling capacity can be effective,low rpm operation.
~Toddy R, General Management, Point Lisas, Trinidad W>I>
Check the specific torque, max operating pressure and max rpm.
~Rajiv R, Design Engineer, Cochin, India

No, because every application is unique in my opinion.

~George W, Engineering Consultant, Austria
Choose an appropriate shaft size for your application.
~Warren K, Manufacturer, Toronto, Canada
They need double speed motor ( Hi & lo ).
~Engineering, Design, Bogor, Indonesia
More power, less space, less noise.
~Son V, Technical Support, Houston, TX
Be very specific of applications.
~Rde G, Manufacturer, Westlake, CA

Continue & intermittent torque.

~Henry C, Marketing/Sales, Taichung, Taiwan
Use a reliable supplier.
~Mike A, Reverse Engineer Tech., Chesterfield, MI
Don't go cheap!
~John M, Technical Support, Vancouver, WA

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