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What are some of the applications you have used stainless steel alloys for?
33 answers
Forging < round bar7/16" to make 1 pce7'' overall length 7/16'' dia x 2.5" long then step up .875" sq x 2'' long, then step down 7/16'' dia x 2.5'' long , treaded both ends N.F.T. 1.125'' LONG
~Other, Laval, Canada
The main application I am studying stainless steels for is their use in the petroleum refining industry. The particular alloy I am studying and testing is a proprietary type 347LN stainless steel.
~Jake W, Student, San Luis Obispo, CA
Automotive industries e.g. exhauster, converter, trims wheel caps etc., sink production, all kinds of pipes, cutlery, springs etc....... Only some samples!
~Engineering, Consulting, Oldenburg, Germany
Food grade processing plant Powder storage Liquid storage Water storage, hot and cold Marine
~Graeme M, Project Manager, Auckland, New Zealand
Pressure containing equipment and vessels, shafts, sealing devices and structural elements
~Chris Carmody, Special Products Manager, Rotherham, UK
Aerospace, marine, and industrial bearings (track rollers, bushings, spherical bearings)
~Michael P, Design Engineer, Hartford, CT
Hydro Turbine Repairs, Turbine accessories repairs ,Cooling Water Pipe Fabrication etc
~Engineering, Other, Kotmale, Sri Lanka
Medical (Implant) Device, Industrial Valves, Machines & Machinery Components,
~Manufacturing, Dabhel -Daman, India
Pressure vessels: corrosion resistance / heat resistance / cleanliness
~Lawrence B, Engineer, Camden, NJ
Heat and corrosion resistant applications, architectural applications,
~Muncy, PA
Designed a bolt to overcome the disadvantages of using stainless steel
~Marketing/Sales, De Pere, WI
For fabrication on various construction/fabrication projects
~Quality Control/Assurance, Mandaue City, Philippines
Furnace coils and their support legs. Reactor vessels
~Ian G, Engineer, Newport, England
Valves and Pressure vessels design and manufacturing.
~Engineering, Design, Linköping, Sweden
Various component an our packachaging machines.
~David D., Design Engineer, New Hudson, MI
Machined components for aircraft control parts
~Engineering, Design, Basildon, Great Britain
Amtrak passenger rail car wrecks and repairs.
~Engineering, Other, Beech Grove, IN
Brackets, recepticles, various misc parts
~Marketing/Sales, Lancaster, OH
Cabinets and racks for Electronics boards
~Melandro Villadolid, Final test Engineer, Canlubang, Calamba , Laguna, Philippines
Structural supports, food technologies
~Engineering, Consulting, Valencia, Venezuela
Various international sertificates.
~Knut E, Quality Control, Modum, Norway
Trading, and engineering usage
~Marketing/Sales, Simpang ampat, Malaysia
Parts for automotive motor
~Engineering, Consulting, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Natural gas process plant.
~Engineering, Design, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Valve castings componants
~Manufacturing, COMBATORE, India
Electrochemical Analysis
~Research & Development, Durian Tunggal, Malaysia
Hydrocarbon production
~Chris G, Engineering Consultant, Shrewsbury, England
For machined part.
~Purchasing, Cartago, Costa Rica
Valves fittings
~Marketing/Sales, Concord, Canada
Pressure vessels
~Manufacturing, Mumbai, India
Turbine blades
~General Corporate Mgmt, Latrobe, PA
Printing drum
~Manufacturing, RAMAT GAN, Israel
Gas turbine
~Engineering, Design, Karlovac, Croatia

Please share with us any “non-standard” applications that stainless steel alloys have been used for.
7 answers
17-4 plate and bar, hydro dam gate Track & wheel 301Ln, metal powder oven conveyer belt
~Other, Laval, Canada
Medical application e.g. stainless stents, stainless needles
~Engineering, Consulting, Oldenburg, Germany
High pressure/high speed rotary seals (450bar & >150m/sec)
~Chris Carmody, Special Products Manager, Rotherham, UK
There are none that I am familiar with.
~Jake W, Student, San Luis Obispo, CA
None I am aware of.
~David D., Design Engineer, New Hudson, MI
Don't have any.
~Chris G, Engineering Consultant, Shrewsbury, England
~Marketing/Sales, Lancaster, OH

Do you know of any disastrous mistakes that occurred due to the incorrect usage of stainless steel alloys?
5 answers
We buy several different grades of stainless steel and we go to great lengths to mark up our stock so that the exact grade is known. We know of instances where grades have been stored together without identification resulting in the wrong grade of stainless being used on an application.
~Chris Carmody, Special Products Manager, Rotherham, UK
There have been countless accidents due to material failure, but no disastrous mistakes that I am aware of due to incorrect selection/usage.
~Jake W, Student, San Luis Obispo, CA
Austenitic ss in a waste heat boiler - lasted 3 days - carbon steel works better
~Lawrence B, Engineer, Camden, NJ
Lots of failures due to no understanding
~Graeme M, Project Manager, Auckland, New Zealand
~Chris G, Engineering Consultant, Shrewsbury, England

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