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Condition Monitors and Fault Detectors Information

Fault detectorFault detectors and fault recorders are electric power instruments that detect and/or record electrical faults that may happen in power lines. Fault detectors notify the user that a power failure has occurred, while fault recorders keep a log about the time, location, and intensity of the fault.


There are many everyday applications that require a continuous flow of electrical power to function properly. These applications include:

  • computers
  • refrigerators
  • freezers
  • hospitals
  • other equipment

The results of power failure can be disastrous in certain applications, which makes it necessary to be able to locate, understand, and correct power-faults.


Fault detectors are monitoring devices that are connected to an alarm, or other notification device, that is triggered when the power-supply faults; often, a light will come on as well. Once the alarm and light are activated, it will be known that a power failure has occurred. At this time, action will have to be taken to rectify the power supply; if the fault detector is connected to a recorder, then the fault can be located. Fault detectors are designed to provide reliable and effective power failure notification. Detectors can be plugged into a socket or wired in directly. When power failure occurs, the transmitter is powered by a backup battery. Specialized fault detectors are available that provide additional alerts about temperature changes, water leaks, and more. Once a fault has occurred, it is important to be able to understand the location and reason for the occurrence.

Fault recorders record when the power fault occurred, the duration of the fault, the source, and reasons that may be associated with the failure. Some fault recorders are user-friendly and can be installed without an electrician. The recorders are equipped with a notification light that flashes when a report is generated. Fault recorders may be connected to a computer-based system or be self-sustaining for report retrieval. Additional specifications for fault recorders include a built-in power meter and more.

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