High Voltage Power Supplies Information

High Voltage Power Supplies

High voltage power supplies utilize linear technology to provide one or more DC outputs at voltage levels of hundreds or thousands of volts. They are frequently used in specialized applications such as telecommunications, video technology and medical equipment. Some have outputs that are adjustable, either locally or via computer interface. Important specifications to consider when searching for high voltage power supplies include power supply style, input voltage, output specifications, user interface, and environment.

Style and Configurations

Choices for power supply style for high voltage power supplies include PCB mount, internal or open frame, rack, and DIN rail.

  • A PCB mount power supply mounts directly onto printed circuit board.
  • An internal or open frame power supply is designed to be an integral component of an instrument or a machine. This includes open frame power supplies, supplies with attachable covers, and other configurations such as PS/2 supplies for computers.A rack mount power supply mounts in or on a rack.
  • A DIN rail power supply is designed to be mounted in a DIN rail.

SpecificationsHigh Voltage Power Supplies

  • The input voltage into the high voltage power supply can be DC input, AC single phase, or AC three phase.
  • Important output specifications to consider include maximum voltage, maximum current, maximum power, output polarity, and number of outputs.
    • The maximum voltage refers to the absolute value of the range for the maximum output voltage.
    • The maximum current is the maximum output current level.
  • Power supplies frequently have a nominal total power rating. Choices for high voltage power supplies output polarity include:
    • Positive voltage - Devices provide a positive voltage output.
    • Negative voltage - Devices provide a negative voltage output.
    • Reversible polarity - Reversible polarity high voltage power supplies provide both a positive and negative output voltage. The devices may be switched between the two outputs.
    • The number of outputs can be single or multiple.

Display and Interfaces

The user interface for high voltage power supplies can be analog front panel, digital front panel, or a computer interface.

High voltage power supplies can come with application software for control or monitoring of power supply performance.

The display can be an analog meter or indicator, digital readouts, or video display terminals. Some high voltage power supplies can monitor output with readable analog signal. Power supplies with analog signal control can be controlled with an analog signal.

Related Standards

BS EN 50443 - Effects of electromagnetic interference on pipelines caused by high voltage A.C. Electric traction systems and/or high voltage A.C. Power supply systems.

MIL-PRF-62071 - Power supply: high voltage, solid state, 24 volts, direct current.

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