Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers Information

Pipe supportsPipe hangers and pipe supports are used to support hanging pipe. They include clevis hangers, beam clamps, pipe clamps, brackets, and pipe straps.

Types of Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers

Common hanger types include:

  • band hangers
  • clevis hangers
  • j-hangers
  • roller hangers
  • split ring hangers
  • spring hangers
  • u-hangers

A band hanger is a type of pipe hanger that supports the pipe on a continuous strap of metal whose ends are joined at the top by a supporting rod. This rod bolts through the strap and is adjustable as to height. A clevis hanger is a type of pipe hanger with a swivel yoke supported at the top by an adjustable vertical rod. This yoke bolts to a pin holding a u-strap of metal (clevis) that supports the pipe. J-hangers support a single conduit by hanging or side mounting. Roller hangers, pipe rollers, or pipe rolls are a pipe hanger similar to a clevis hanger except that the yoke bolts to a roller rod instead of a metal strap. This roller rod supports the pipe and permits horizontal movement. Split ring hangers are a type of pipe hanger that opens or splits in the middle and is clamped down around the pipe. Allows for piping to run close to ceilings or walls. Spring hangers may also be called constant spring hangers. A u-hanger is a metal fastener used to attach pipes to wooden joists under a floor.


Common supports and clamps include:

  • band clamps
  • beam clamps
  • pipe clamps
  • pipe supports
  • riser clamps
  • sway braces
  • u-bolts

A band clamp is a flexible band made of a variety of materials that has a cinching device used to secure pipes. A beam clamp is a device to attach a pipe hanger to an overhead I-beam. These may be malleable, carbon steel, or galvanized, and may be primed or painted. A bracket is a small supporting piece designed to bear a projected weight. A pipe clamp is a clamping device that bolts around a pipe for attachment of chain or cable hangers. Pipe straps are metal bands for fastening a pipe against or to some other object. Pipe supports are any and all devices such as straps, clamps, etc. that are used to hold piping in place. Hangers support pipes from above while spring supports can be used either above or below. Riser clamps support the weight of vertical pipes, while roller supports permit the pipe to move axially. A necessary part of the piping system, they keep the pipes functional and intact in spite of any problems. Specific types of pipe supports include flange supports, saddle supports, and cradle supports. Riser clamps are used for the support and steadying of steel pipe risers either insulated or bare, cast iron pipe, or conduit. Spring supports may also be called variable springs. Variable springs use coiled springs to support a load and allow movement. The resistance of the coil to a load changes during compression, which is why these devices are called “variables." There are many different designs for variable supports and a particular nomenclature used to identify them. Sway braces may also be called seismic braces. Sway or seismic braces are engineered and constructed to withstand the cyclical loading that occurs during seismic events. A u-bolt is a bolt in the shape of a “u” with threading on both straight sections that is used to attach pipe.

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