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Binocular Repair Services Information

Binocular repair services refurbish binoculars to original operating specifications, or in some cases furnish upgrades. Common industry patrons of binocular repair services include science and technology, military and police, and recreation applications, such as hunting or birdwatching.Binocular Repair Services




Binocular repair services are provided by specialized optical repair companies or by OEM service departments. Many companies that provide binocular repair services will also provide telescope repair services. A warranty may be included to ensure device quality.




Binocular repair can include the following:


  • Cleaning, refurbishing, or replacing the lenses. Lenses can become dirty or scratched if a binoculars seal has failed, the lens is knocked out of place, if the device is dropped, or experiences any substantial abrasion or shock force.

  • Collimation is aligning the optical and mechanical parts in the binoculars. This is often accomplished with precise laser equipment to ensure the best image quality and eye comfort.

  • Repairing or replacing mechanical components that focuses the lenses wear over time. If lubrication wears out they can stick or become difficult to operate.

  • Sealing and nitrogen purging water-proof binoculars. Water proof binoculars need to be sealed and filled with nitrogen to provide internal pressure to help keep water out of the binoculars.

  • Imaging systems: some more advanced military or police binoculars have low-light, night vision, or thermal imaging systems that may be in need of repair. 




Binocular Repairs


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