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Telescope repair providers service, refurbish and maintain optical telescopes. Typical repairs for telescopes are to incoming lenses that have suffered from poor design of the housings, misalignment of lenses or mirrors , tampering and violation of seals, and exposure to harsh environments. Service providers align, repair, and recoat mirrors and lens sets; strip and recondition optical tube assemblies; and install new and more effective seals and pressure relief hardware.Telescope Repair Services


The most common telescope adjustment is to align the mirrors and/or lenses so that they are on the same optical axis. Making the adjustments is called collimating the optics.


All telescope optics, whether mirrors or lenses, have reflective coatings that can be easily damaged or gradually worn away by cleaning. The performance of a telescope can be severely impacted by worn or damaged coatings. Care must be taken when cleaning coated lenses. Mildly dirty optics with a good coating is far better than clean optics with damaged coatings. 




There are several coatings that are used within telescopes. Reflective coatings fall into categories based on reflectance, durability, and cost.


A Beral coating is much harder than aluminum and has an average reflectivity of 91%. The drawback to this coating as compared to a standard aluminum coating is that the life expectancy is reduced due to its lack of a protective overcoating. A Beral coating should be good for three or four years.


A standard aluminum coating with the requisite quartz or silicon overcoating (sometimes called "protected aluminum") gives you about 90% reflectivity. Because of the multi-step coating process the cost is higher.


Enhanced aluminum coating increases reflectivity to about 96%, giving the most light per aperture. A multi-layer film of dielectrics on top of aluminum is used to enhance the reflectance in the visible or ultraviolet regions.


Design Types


Telescopes can be categorized in three optical design types.Telescope Repair Services


Reflecting: A reflecting telescope, also called a reflector telescope, is an optical telescope that uses a single or combination of reflective optics, such as curved mirrors, that reflect light and form an image.


Refracting: A refracting telescope, also known as a refractor telescope, is a type of optical telescope that uses refracting optics such as lenses to form an image.


Catadioptric: A catadioptric telescope is an optical telescope that uses both reflective and refractive optics, such as mirrors and lenses, to form an image.




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